That Goldendoodle, Murphy!

Murphy is an adorable pup from Vegas that most people know as @thatgoldendoodle. She’s cute, cuddly, and definitely crazy. She specializes in acting human and making some of the silliest faces you’ve ever seen. Here’s a look at some of her funniest moments:

This goldendoodle doesn’t look too pleased to be sitting next to her toothy friend. She looks a little scared, but definitely still super cute.

Check out that slurpy little tongue! Even when she’s looking guilty, that cute face makes it pretty easy to forgive her.

Is she sleeping with her eyes open? It’s a little creepy but that is quite the impressive talent. Cuteness never sleeps.

We get to see those crazy eyes in action in this bow wow boomerang. The little nose wiggle really tops it all off.

She’s just a little fluffy, cuddly emoji. If I could just have a keyboard of all of Murphy’s faces, that would be the dream.

I’ve never seen anyone look more in love. Find someone that looks at you like Murphy looks at a hot dog.

Crazy Murphy at her finest. Those crazy eyes and that droopy tongue make for one adorable derpy face.

The many faces of Murphy. Seriously though…somebody make me an emoji keyboard with all her faces ASAP.

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Sarah Cookson

Writer/Dog Enthusiast living in New York City. Only goes to parties in hopes there will be a dog there to hang out with. Her resolutions for 2017 were to eat healthier and pet more pups. Bet you can guess which one she stuck with.

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