Teacher’s Pet: Set Your Photoshoot Up For Success, Part 4

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Making Your Photo Shoot a Success, Part 4: Candid Camera

We’re at the end of our Teacher’s Pet series sharing tips and tricks for making sure photo shoots are rewarding for both you and your pup, and we’ve saved the most important advice for last…


The very best way to make sure your pup stays happy during a photoshoot is to take pictures of him when he’s at his happiest, being a dog and enjoying his best dog life.


In a world of crazy costumes and an endless string of National [Insert Anything] Days, it can be easy to forget this.  Look, I’m the first to admit I love a good theme photo.  And as much as I believe it is absolutely possible to create that content in a way that’s as fun for your dog as it is for you (and hopefully you learned just how to do that in our last three articles), I also believe in trying to keep those shoots as the exception, not the norm.


So let’s all make sure we capture our puppers playing with their toys…


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Study of weird otter at play. 🎾🐾😛

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Enjoying the great sproutdoors…



Dreaming their sweetest dreams…


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Dreaming, of unicorns and sunshine and beef jerky ☺️

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Feeling beachy keen…


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I’ve never met a beach I didn’t like 😝 Can’t wait to head to Florida tmrw for some fun in the sun!!

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Having a ball…


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Afternoons with Bestie ☀️🎾✌🏻

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…and just loving it all.



Because when I think about our account and the unexpected success we’ve had (thank you all!), some of that is attributable to Wilt Pouterson and Sproutie the Grouch, but I genuinely think it’s because I’ve been able to capture and share Sproutie’s personality, his silliness and poutiness and snuggliness and everything about him that makes him so special day in and day out.

And so I leave you with the words of a wise old puppers: “Smile, and you’ll find happiness right under your nose.”


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Smile and you’ll find happiness right under your nose 😛

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