Surprising Foods Dogs Love

We all know that dogs go crazy for peanut butter, but what other surprising human foods do they love? Here’s a list of the top 5.


Who knew that pups enjoy a good parfait as much as we do? That long, slurpy tongue is perfect for getting every last drop from the bottom of the container. Yogurt’s not just a tasty treat, it’s also high in protein and calcium and can help with your dog’s digestion. Slurp away!

Credit: A-Z Vets


Next time you’re scrambling up some eggs, drop some on the floor and watch your dog go nuts. When it comes to pups, it’s all about the protein. Next thing you know, they’ll be ordering a custom omelette in bed.

Corn on the Cob

Look at this GIF of a dog eating corn. I mean, COME ON. Not sure if this one is universal, but you should definitely try giving your dog a cob and see if he looks as cute as this guy. Just check out that perfect typewriter form.

Ice Cubes

It’s literally just frozen water, but don’t tell your dog that. I’ve seen many a pooch go crazy for a simple little ice cube. Next time you’re looking for an easy, cheap treat, just head to your freezer.


Starbucks isn’t the only one waiting all year for pumpkin season. Pumpkin is a yummy treat for your pup that’s high in fiber and vitamin A. Pro tip: before you cut up the pumpkin and eat it, make sure you get an adorable fall photoshoot first.

Credit: Harlow and Sage/Facebook

Always remember that when you’re feeding your dog a new food, start small. Give them a small piece and see how they react. If everything goes smoothly, then keep on spoiling that precious pup. But always safety first!

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