Summer Safety

Summer is the perfect time to have fun in the sun with your best friend, but that fun can quickly be ruined if you don’t follow these basic safety guidelines with your pup in the summer heat.

Be weary of heat stroke!

This most commonly occurs when a pup is left unattended in a hot car or when they play for too long outdoors on a sunny day. Always make sure to help your pup stay cool in the summer heat.


You’re not the only one who needs to be lathered in SPF! Dogs with light coloring or thinner hair are prone to burning. No fear, baby or pet sunscreen is totally safe to use on your pooch. Make sure to get their ears, nose, and the skin around their mouth covered in SPF, these are all areas prone to burning.


Hot streets can burn your pups pads. Avoid letting them walk on hot pavement until you do a heat check with your own hand first.


Dehydration is a big issue during the summer months. Make sure to keep water out at all times and if you’re on the go, carry along a portable bottle and bowl!

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Sophie Krakowski

Sophie is a dog lover living in New York City. She's currently a junior in college and occasionally skips class to play with her four legged friend, Oliver. She's known by many as "the girl with the dog" and is very proud of that reputation!

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