Summer Fun At SoCal Corgi Day

Southern California is basically a magical land. It has beautiful weather, nice beaches, and the absolute best gathering of all: SoCal Corgi Beach Day. This glorious event happens three times a year and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Don’t believe me? Have a look at some of the pics from the most recent pawty on July 1st.

Yep, that’s a corgi costume content. The only thing better than an adorable loaf is one in costume. Shoutout to the patriotic puppers rocking the stars and stripes and Lady Liberty outfits.

You’re not dreaming, there was actually a limbo contest. We all know those perfect lil stumps are adorable, and they also happen to come in handy for this popular party game. Congrats to tiny Kaia for having the shortest stumps of them all.

Obviously there were celebrity appearances, including one from our pal Tofu Corgi! He’s posted up on the beach with his #corgsquad and he looks pretty adorable doing it. The matching name bandanas add the perfect finishing touch.

Looks like Tofu was all about making new friends at this beach party. He relaxes in the sand with his new friends as they sit on their royal corgi thrones. After all, it’s pretty hard to see all the action when you’re so low to the ground.

This summer get-together was definitely a success, and I’m sure corgi owners all over the country are anxious for the next one. According to the group organizer’s Facebook event, it’s set to go down on October 28th at the Huntington Dog Beach. Mark that one on your calendars in pen, because you’re definitely not gonna want to miss it.

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