Street Style From The Dogist

There are thousands of adorable pups strutting their stuff around New York City on a daily basis. Street photographer The Dogist specializes in capturing these cute canines in all their glory. He’s photographed hounds of all shapes and sizes and here are a few of the most stylish.

These are the prettiest polka-dotted pups I ever did see. Plus, they have some serious statement booties to help get them through the ruff city winter.

Bold prints for a bold pup. The key to a good outfit is the details, and those matching ear bows definitely do the trick.

A fabulous hat to go with a very fabulous haircut. Not many pups could pull off this zany look, but Cookie rocks it with pride.

The stripes, the pop of color, the perfectly windblown hair. It’s all working for stylish gal Gizmo.

Girly girls everywhere know how to rock the pink plaid look. Chico is certainly no exception.

Dogs in hoodies are one of the cutest things ever. Luella takes it to the next level with a bright pink color and personalization.

Wait…where’d the pup go? She really blends in with her stylish little camouflage jacket that’s super trendy and super sneaky.

Denim is always in style and fashion queen Belle knows how to pull it off. The button pockets and brown collar are really working for her.

Sometimes good hair and accessories are all you need.

This dog looks more elegant in a turtleneck than I ever thought possible. To stay warm in the winter, Pascal keeps it snuggly and stylish.

The fur and jacket color coordination here is really on point.

Hoodie? Check. Polka dots? Check. Pom pom? Check. This pup has all the necessary ingredients to be really really adorable.

Gotta keep this darling dog dry! Henry knows how to handle the elements in his perfect red rain jacket.

You just can’t be sad when you see a dog in a bow tie. Plus, this guy’s name is Poopface. I mean c’mon.

Bacon the courageous canine isn’t afraid to show off her figure in this form-fitting tee. Go ahead Bacon, show us what you’re working with.

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