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Cooper and Fredrick’s mom here! The summer season is finally here which means it’s the season for a lot of fun outdoor activities! Familiar sounds like ‘snap’, ‘crackle’, and ‘pop’ remind us of the great outdoors–backyard BBQ’s, summer festivals, and the 4th of July! All of these activities sound like a typical summer, but our sweet pets would most likely disagree (at least ours did). We wish we had known sooner about Composure™ from VetriScience, the safe and effective product formulated by veterinarians.


Let me explain. Our family was looking to relocate to a place where we can spend much more time outdoors so we recently relocated to Austin, Texas a few months ago. There are so many nature trails, dog parks, and tons of places that welcome four-legged family members. The variety of such places made our decision super easy. Austin and the surrounding areas are very pet-friendly so we were excited that Cooper and Fredrick will finally be able to explore the area together with us.


Our moment of blissful thinking came to a screeching halt. After we settled into our home we decided to drive an hour-and-a-half north to a popular tourist destination with both of the pups. They became unusually anxious in the car and began to whine and pant throughout the car ride. Both of them were trembling from anxiety by the time we reached our destination. Their anxious energy caused us to stress and worry they would cause a scene and potentially react to other dogs or change of environment. Luckily, we didn’t see any dogs while we were outside; however, when we went inside the crowded retail shop they saw another dog and something snapped. It was clear that Cooper and Fredrick were cranky from the long car ride and nervous to be in a crowded space. They were not in the mood to shop nor share the retail space with another dog and caused a little scene. Basically they wanted everyone to know they didn’t want to be there so we had to scoop them up and make a swift exit as they screamed at the top of their lungs. At that moment we felt a bit defeated and thought that scene was a foreshadow of what our family outings would be like.


We thought family outings would be our biggest challenge moving forward, but Cooper revealed another new hurdle. As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas…this includes thunderstorms. Yes, the thunderstorms are no joke. In fact, we recently had a small tornado touch down in our town. Yikes!

Cooper has never reacted to thunderstorms until we moved to Austin. We initially thought he would get used to the weather, but quickly realized he needed something more than our hugs to taper his anxiety. This is where Composure by VetriScience really made a positive difference in all of our lives. We have given Cooper Composure whenever the forecast calls for thunderstorms and saw a very noticeable difference. For example, when the thunder crackles and the lightning booms Cooper does not bolt into the closet or under the bed anymore. Instead he chills with us on the sofa and watches television. This is a huge improvement as Cooper’s stress levels appear to be at a minimum and he is able to remain calm and collected throughout a major storm.


The 4th of July is just around the corner. Thanks to Composure, we’re ready for the pop! The sounds of the festivities will be heard, but Cooper will be happily chillaxing right next to us on the sofa as we celebrate Independence Day together as a family! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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