Some Famous Pets’ Favorite Toys

Every pampered pet has that one toy that they just go crazy for. It could be a stuffed animal, a squeaky toy, or even a little mini-me. But no matter what it is, it’s always unique to each furry friend.

Glee the Golden

Glee is mesmerized by her favorite multi-colored rope. It’s not easy to get this peppy pup to stay still, but her favorite toy does just the trick.

Albert on Wheels

Donut mess with Albert’s favorite toy. He won’t let any other pup touch his special squeaker. He loves it so much that his pawrent told us: “it’s been fixed many times and we even had to replace the squeaky part inside.”

Brussels Sprout

A tiny pup needs a tiny toy. Sassy Sprout’s little emoji shows just as much attitude as he does.

Ella Bean

Ella Bean is so fabulous that of course her favorite toys are just…more Ella Beans! These cute little miniatures from Facci Designs are almost cuter than the real-life pup.

Oakley from Gone To The Snow Dogs

A pup’s favorite pal always suffers from a little wear and tear. Oakley’s favorite raccoon toy is no different. She’s had it for years and it doesn’t look like she’ll be letting go any time soon.

Chloe the Mini Frenchie

Since day one, Chloe and her piggy pal have been inseparable. It’s hard to keep up with the Chloe’s busy schedule, but her lil piggy is always by her side.

Harlan the Corgi

Ferocious Harlan needs a tough toy to stand up to his tiny teeth. Ropes are the only thing that will keep him busy. “He can destroy any normal toy before you blink,” says his pawrent.

Dougie the Shih Tzu

Trendy Dougie knows it’s all about the poopmoji. His favorite plushie pillow is just as adorable and popular as he is.

Tibby the Corgi

The only thing better than snuggling with one corgi is snuggling with two. Fluffy Tibby’s toy twin makes for one cuddly corgi sandwich.

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