Slurpy Dougie

Dougie, dougie, dougie, can’t you see? Sometimes your tongue just hypnotizes me. This slurpy pup always looks cute, but he looks especially cute when he sticks his lil tongue out. Take a look:

BLEP! It’s like he’s looking right into my eyes and he knows how unbelievably adorable he is. Dougie, you’ve got me under your spell.

The evolution of a slurp. How is it possible that he looks even more lovable as each picture progresses?

My, what a flexible tongue you have. Dougie shows that’s he’s not just cute, he’s capable too.

Suns out, tongues out! No better way to celebrate summer than with this perfectly slurpable, smoochy pup.

“Oh, what’s the password to enter? Here um….let me see…will my tongue do?” Yes, Dougie, yes it will.

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Lisa Miceli

Lisa is a 20-something (inching closer to 30 ahh!) living in New York City for the past 10 years and loving every minute of it! Not able to sleep without the hustle and bustle of the city blaring through her windows, she is also accustomed to her dog-child, Louis, taking up all the space in her small apartment, as well as in her heart. She is very excited to be a member of The Dog Agency team!

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