Sleepy Snugglers

Life is hard. Here’s a giant list of adorable, sleepy pets to make it better.

Sisters Smushball and Penelope can’t help but stay connected, even during nap time. These cuddly cats know how to melt our hearts.

I want to smush this face and never let go. Eggnog’s little wrinkly rolls are almost too much to handle.

Who needs blankets when you’ve got ears like these! #throwback

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Oh Beauregard, I do declare that you are just the snuggliest baby basset I ever did see! I would gladly use those floppy ears as a blanket.

Mondays #MrBagel #chinchilla

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This cuddly chinchilla looks primed for a mid-day nap. He looks more like a fluffy cottonball than an actual animal, which is a-ok in my book.

I am under the spell of this adorable underbite. This lil snoozing sweetie has a snoot that’s just waiting to be booped.

This picture makes me so calm yet it also makes me squeal like a little kid in a candy store. Is that normal? Who cares…these cuddly canines are absolutely perfect.

Look at that white belly

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This floppy-eared fella is all tuckered out after a long day of hopping. We don’t mind though, he looks awfully cute just napping away.

I’m only sleeping cuz it’s #NationalNappingDay. #WhoAmIKidding #AllIDoIsSleep

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Sneakers the Corgi is one pampered pup. If I had a cozy bed like that, I would be bundled up in it all the time, too.

Speaking of bed goals, Quincy Fox has it made with this trendy set-up. Lots of pillows and a cozy blanket are the key to a good sleepy snuggle.

“Yeti⛄️, enjoying some Florida sun” – Diddy Kong

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The relaxation of a head massage knows no species, as we can see here with this cute little monkey.

I have never seen a more accurate representation of me in dog form. Ella Bean really understands my life, and she looks much cuter doing it.

Afternoon siesta

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This adorable fluffy animal is even more adorable because he is snuggling with his own adorable fluffy animal. I would gladly use this dog as a pillow for the rest of my life.

This, my friends, is what we call a blep. Just a cute little thing that these sleepy snugglers do with their tongues to make them even more adorable.

Have you ever seen a more perfect pup? I mean seriously, little Auggie should be given some sort of award for how snuggly and sleepy he is.

When you have so much shit to do that you take a nap instead #dog #rottweiler #rottweilerkingdom #nap #sleepy

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Baby Abbey gives us a dose of cuteness and wisdom. When life gets you down, there’s nothing that a good nap can’t fix.

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