Sit. Stay. Fly: JFK’s New Terminal Just For Pets

Never leave your furry friend at home again. With JFK’s new pet-focused terminal The ARK, you can bring your pet with you wherever you go. The ARK is a brand new, 24/7 airport terminal dedicated exclusively to the care and transport of your animal companion.

Credit: The ARK

Cats, dogs, horses, oh my! The ARK can handle a huge range of four-legged friends. Dogs and cats that can’t go in the airplane cabin will enjoy VIP (very important pet) travel perks. Other animals like horses, birds, and livestock can chill out in comfortable spaces as they wait out their mandatory quarantine periods.

With 178,000 square feet of space, The ARK is way more than just a few doggy kennels. It has 48 horse stalls, 180 cattle pens, an aviary, and even a pet oasis. This oasis features a bone-shaped pool, a Cat Adventure Jungle, massages, paw-dicures, and flat screen TVs (so they can catch the latest episode of The Bachelor, of course).

Credit: The ARK

With a whopping $65 million price tag, you can bet they spared no expense. Design firm Gensler made sure the space was focused on the animals first. They even consulted animal behavior expert Temple Grandin to make sure the cattle pens were designed to keep the cows as comfortable as possible. And with round the clock handling and veterinary care available, you can be sure that every animal gets treated like a star.

So when you’re planning your next vacay, make sure there’s room for your best furry friend. No need to go two by two, just get your pet pal to The ARK. Bon voyage!

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