Silly Subway Pups

NYC allows dogs on the trains, but with one caveat: they have to be in a bag. For big dog owners, this has the potential to be a problem. But these inventive owners found a way to fit their fidos in a bag so they can bring them with them wherever they go.

Not sure if I would call this a bag or just a harness with straps, but either way I’m a fan. Plus, those IKEA bags are super trendy right now so this pup is really making a fashion statement.

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“Whatchu lookin’ at?” is what this dog is probably thinking. His head looks so silly poking out of that bag and I’m confused how his whole body fits in there so perfectly.

His name may be Brady, but he’s taking this subway ride like a Champion.

Another husky in a tote! This pup looks ready to take in all the sights and sounds of the subway from the comfort of his cute lil tote.

This lil lap dog is snug in his doggy duffel and ready to make his canine commute.

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