See The Pics From This Cat Fashion Show

The Algonquin Hotel is the purrfect place for cat lovers. Not only do they have a cat in residence, but they also host an annual Cat Fashion Show. This year’s celebration was Tony-themed and even featured a performance from the Broadway cast of CATS.

Take a look at some of these amazing furry fashionistas rocking outfits inspired by shows like “The Sound of Music” and “Les Miserables.” Some of these looks were designed by animal fashion designer, Ada Nieves.


Why so grumpy pretty kitty? You look absolutely marvelous in that outfit and that feather-topped cap fits you perfectly.


Being THAT fabulous is definitely no easy task. Looks like our feline friend is pretty tired after a day of strutting her stuff.


Look at Miss Luna all pretty in pink. She knows how to make those sequins shine and rock that tutu with attitude.


This furry feline looks as regal as can be. The red feather and gold fringe are all working together to make him look like the cat’s meow.


Who would have guessed that a hairless cat would have the best hairstyle of the night? This cat definitely knows how to rock a wig.

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