Scaredy Pup Hates The Sea

Theo the German shepherd looks like a pretty tough pup, but don’t let him fool you. He’s really just a snuggly couch potato and oversized lap dog. He also happens to be scared of one thing that some dogs go crazy for: the ocean. Theo took a trip to the beach and was not impressed by this giant body of water.

He seems okay with the sand, but when it comes to the surf….he’s not too sure. I don’t know if it was the sound or the movement or the temperature, but he was definitely not having it.

Being scared of the water is actually a pretty common problem for some pups. Even the most gentle waves can be too much for these woofers to handle. To help your dog fully enjoy the beach, try associating the water with something positive like treats or toys. Gradually, you may find that you can train pups to get over their fears and you’ll see them splashing around in no time.

Our pal Theo may not be super stoked about the sea right now, but just give him some time. The next thing you know, you’ll be see him in a full Baywatch moment, running in slow motion through the surf.

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Michele Monteiro

Michele's animal family consists of her nephew Gus (who happens to be a frenchie) and her three cats, Storm, Bolt & Shadow. Storm is a typical girl who only wants attention on her terms and hits the ignore button any chance she gets while Bolt & Shadow both want attention at all times (of course, they're boys!). She is currently seeking cuddles from any animals, there is no application deadline.