Save room for dessert!

It’s no secret that the cherry on top of every meal is the one that comes with dessert. As a sweets lover, I can’t possibly imagine depriving my dogs of all the delicious treats that I love. Thanks to these New York spots, I don’t have to!

H Bake Shop: 601 W 57th Street

Peanut butter dog cupcakes from H Bake Shop will have your pup licking his chops!

Photo Credit: Zandy Mangold

Milk & Cookies Bakery: 19 Commerce Street

The updated dog bone brought to you by Milk & Cookies bakery is loved by all. Peanut butter and pumpkin flavors that your dog loves and all natural to keep your mind at ease!

Photo Credit: Milk & Cookies Bakery

Sprinkles Cupcakes: 780 Lexington Avenue

While you stop at the cupcake ATM, don’t forget to treat your pup to a vending machine surprise of their very own!

Photo Credit: Olliewant_Ollieneed

Good Enough to Eat: 520 Columbus Avenue

A peanut butter bacon biscuit, doesn’t that sound good enough to eat? These treats are made with your pup in mind. Every ingredient has benefits whether it be rolled oats for digestion help or bacon for flavor, Good Enough to Eat thought up the perfect treat!

Photo Credit: Zandy Mangold


Starbucks: Every corner…Starbucks: Every corner…

Ask for a puppuccino/pup cup/puppy latte! It’s a free treat to give your pup while you get your grande soy coffee with one shot of espresso. This treat is basically just a cup of whip cream, but boy do they love it!

Photo Credit: Olliewant_Ollieneed

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Sophie is a dog lover living in New York City. She's currently a junior in college and occasionally skips class to play with her four legged friend, Oliver. She's known by many as "the girl with the dog" and is very proud of that reputation!

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