Sand Bath Anyone?

Okay, so a sand bath isn’t actually right for everyone. But if you’re a dwarf hamster, it might be. If you’ve been wondering how to keep your little furry friend squeaky clean, here are some tips and tricks for the ultimate hamster sand bath.

Most people are probably wondering: what even IS a sand bath? Hamsters have naturally oily fur, which can lead to a pretty smelly pet. Sand baths basically work as dry shampoo for these critters and help keep their coat looking and smelling clean. So while a sand bath isn’t completely necessary, it does help make sure your pet isn’t going to stink up your whole house.

The key to a good sand bath is getting the right kind of sand. Just any old sand from the beach definitely will not work. The most popular kinds are labeled for chinchillas, but they will work just fine for your hammy pal, too. Amazon offers affordable options for under 10 bucks (like this one and this one). It’s important that the sand is bacteria-free and contains little or no dust, as too much dust can cause allergies.

The next thing you’ll need is a container to put the sand in. Get one with relatively tall sides or even one that is completely enclosed to help minimize the amount of sand that gets thrown around the cage. This one is super cute and would help keep the cage as clean as possible.

Credit: Hamster Talk

Now that you have all the materials, it’s time to give it a try. Place the dish in your hamster’s cage and fill it with enough sand for your pet to roll around in. Your hamster might not be very interested at first, so try attracting him/her with a small piece of food. Once they jump in and roll around, they’ll realize what they’ve been missing out on.

Once your hamster friend is all fresh and clean, take the sand dish out of the cage and throw out the used sand. Repeat this process about once a week to keep your pet smelling pretty. Make sure you don’t leave the sand dish in the cage at all times, as your hamster might try to use it as a bathroom or hide food in it.

If you’re worried that your hamster is the smelly kid in school, then maybe give a sand bath a try. They can’t enjoy the wonders of a good bath bomb, but I guess a sand bath is the next best thing.

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