Ruff-Ruff In Russian

A dog says ruff. Or woof or arf or bow-wow or yap-yap (whatever your preference). But when you go to another country, the language change affects more than just hello and goodbye. The words used to describe the sound of a dog’s bark are also different. Here’s a list of doggy declarations in different languages:

Russian: gav-gav; guf-guf; hav-hav

Danish: vov-vov

Turkish: hev-hev; hav-hav

Arabic: hau-hau

Spanish: guau-guau; jau-jau

German: wuff-wuff; wau-wau

Credit: Theo the GSD

Burmese: woke-woke

Afrikaans: blaf-blaf; woef-woef

Thai: hong-hong

Portuguese: au-au

Greek: ghav-ghav

Korean: meong-meong

Japanese: wan-wan; kyan-kyan

Credit: Shiba Shake

Italian: bau-bau; arf-arf

Lebanese: haw-haw

Hindi: bow-bow

Icelandic: voff-voff

Polish: hau-hau

French: ouah-ouah; vaf-vaf; wouf-wouf

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