RECAP: Puppy Bowl XV and Dog Bowl II

In cased you missed it, Super Bowl was yesterday, but what we were really focused on was the puppy bowl. Did you tune in? Fear not, we have the recap for you so you know what you’re talking about around the water cooler at work. After all, the most adorable sporting event of the year is bound to be Monday’s hot topic.



No matter the victor of the games, they are all winners because every dog is adopted by the time the games air. Animal Planet worked with over 50 shelters to make the games happen, and each year, for the past 15 years, each player has found their forever home before the games go live. Rufferee, Dan Schachner, plays a huge role in the process. Check out our podcast with him from last week, and peep the entire starting lineup here.


Puppy Bowl XV

Winner: Team Ruff

Score: 59-51

MVP: Bumble, Team Fluff

Underdog: Will, Team Fluff


Team Fluff came into this years Puppy Bowl with back to back wins in 2017 and 2018. The game was close, but Team Ruff prevailed with a 59-51 victory. The MVP, Bumble from Team Fluff, was the first special needs player in Puppy Bowl history to take home the title. Go Bumble!! Will, also from Team Fluff, was named the Underdog. He has a prosthetic front leg, but played so well!



Oh, and we can’t forget the amazing halftime show with tricks from AstroCats and music by Purr-oon 5. We’ve selected the best parts for you, take a look:





Dog Bowl II

Winner: Team Goldies

Score: 28-21

MVP: Sherman, Team Goldies



For the second year in a row, Animal Planet featured the Dog Bowl. Aired Saturday evening, Puppy Bowl presents: Dog Bowl, boasts a starting lineup of 63 older dogs. Like the Puppy Bowl, they are also up for adoption! The senior dogs are just as sweet, and have the same 100% adoption rate as the Puppy Bowl lineup. Check out the lineup here.


While the coverage may be less than the Puppy Bowl, it is no less heartwarming. Buddy scored the first touchdown of the game for the Oldies, but Sherman scored back to back for the Goldies with this adorable move:



In the second quarter, Bella the Great Dane was called for the game’s first penalty for Excessive Blocking, and Iggy trotted 35 yards to tie the game for the Oldies. After a few more touchdowns, viewers got an inside look at Barktoberfest in Washington D.C. with Jill Rappaport.



The second half led to another penalty for Sonni for Excessive Drooling, but the pace of the game stayed hot as Sprinkles came through with an 85 yard touchdown to tie up the score for the Goldies. Finally, Corrine had the ultimate play of the game to win for the Goldies. By hiding the football in the water bowl, she was able to confuse the Oldies, and lead her team to victory!


P.S. Did you spot the celebrity appearances at the dog bowl? Our own Kimchi Kardoggian, Mervin the Chihuahua, and Ellabean the Dog stopped by to strut their stuff!




Kimchi Kardoggian!





Be sure to check out PetInsider’s podcast with Rufferee Dan Schachner for more insights into the best sporting events of the year!





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