Rambo’s Best Looks

Rambo the Puppy always looks fabulous. His outfits are amazing and his accessory game is always on point. If you’re looking for style inspo, look no further than this furry fashionista. Here are some of his best looks:

Someone’s ready for summer in the Hamptons. With that palm print shirt and straw hat, Rambo looks primed for the beach. Top it all off with those trendy sunnies, and he’s good to go.

Troop leader Rambo is always fully prepared for a trip to the woods. He’s got the s’more ingredients on deck and the perfect outfit to match.

This pup looks just as good as a prep. He really rocks that pastel polo and perfectly cuffed jacket as he orders another glass of pup-o grigio.

How ruggedly handsome you are, Rambo! Weekend trips to the woods call for a fitted flannel, and he has the absolute perfect one.

That adorable fedora strikes again. This time he pairs it with a classic striped shirt to give off those cool lakeside vibes.

Athleisure is super in right now and Rambo definitely got the memo. His tracksuit and neon shades are perfect for getting fit or just hanging out around town.

Put any pup in a bowtie and I’m sold, but Rambo takes it to another level with bold colors and patterns topped with a classy sweater vest.

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