Puppy Prom Is Happening

Like every good prom, this one has a fabulous theme: Diamonds and Bow Ties.

Credit: BarkPost

Tickets will run you about $40, but it comes with a ton of perks. The most obvious, of course, is that you get to see a bunch of pups in formalwear. For $10 extra, dress up your own pup and enter the contest to be named prom King and Queen. There will also be food, raffles, and a lip sync battle.  

If you’re not already sold, this event gets even better because the proceeds go towards a great cause. The event benefits a group called Yorkie 911 that specializes in Yorkie and other small dog rescues. Their tagline is: “Pawtecting those who cannot Pawtect themselves,” which is pretty amazing. Overall, it sounds like Puppy Prom is going to be a fun event that raises funds for a great cause. Check out the Facebook event and get your tickets here.

Top photo credit: Auggie the Frenchie/Facebook

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