PSA: Ask Dr. Alice – Dog Flu

Someone asked me recently about the Dog Flu and I thought I would put together an answer that will address the issue for now, but the information constantly changes. Practically every species gets a flu. Like the human flu, the dog flu has been around forever. This year, there was an outbreak in California but the dog flu has not been as bad as the human flu. The flu causes respiratory issues. This usually manifests in a cough but can lead to pneumonia. The virus is transmitted through the droplets of air from coughing, barking, or sneezing. Occasionally puppies or sick dogs can die from the flu. But don’t be worrying about the virus unless your dog is a show dog, goes to dog parks or is boarded. And if so, get your dog vaccinated for the flu. The vaccine has gotten better with time and is now a combination of different strains of the flu. And although we look forward to warmer months, when our flu disappears, the dog flu stays around for every season, unfortunately.

Here are some links that may be helpful if you want to read more: click here and click here.


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