Pretty Pawdicure: Nail Polish For Your Pup

You should always keep your pet’s nails trimmed and buffed to avoid any paw-tential injury. But some pet owners like to go one step further and give their pet a full polish job. It’s a fun, quick way to give your pooch a little pizazz.

Popular human nail polish brand OPI came out with a special line called Pawlish in 2003. These special doggy nail colors came in fun colors like “Poodle Pink,” “Fire Hydrant Red,” and “Doghouse Blues.” They also created “It’s Dog Gone! Pawlish Remover” and “Paw Pads Wipes” to make clean-up a breeze. Sadly, it seems this line was discontinued a few years later.

But have no fear! There are other puppy polish options on the market today. Top Performance has a line of Color Paw Nail Polish in a variety of colors to help keep your pup’s nails looking nice. The reviews on Amazon seem a little mixed, but at only $9, it might be worth a try.

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If a bottle of polish seems like a messy nightmare, a paint pen might be a good alternative. Warren London makes a Pawdicure Polish Pen that seems like a quick and and easy way to make those paws sparkle.

If you just really don’t trust your paw painting skills, leave it to the professionals. A salon in Atlanta offers a deluxe pawdicure for $20, which includes nail trim, nail polish, feet trim, conditioning paw soak, and a moisturizing paw rub. The Sniff Dog Hotel in Portland, Oregon offers a similar experience for just a couple bucks more.

While it may look adorable, puppy polish may not be for everyone. If your dog is very active or has a tendency to chew it’s nails, polish might not be right. And if at any time during the pawdicure your pup seems stressed, immediately put down the brush. But if you think your pooch is ready for the most colorful paws in town, get that camera ready for some Insta-ready snaps.

Credit: Woofinwaggle

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