Posh Beds For Your Pet

You spend a lot of time thinking about how to make your bed look nice, so why shouldn’t you do the same for your pet? Forget those lumpy, faded, old pet beds. Here are some that are eye-catching, not an eyesore.

Credit: Frontgate

Here’s a bed that really has it all. It’s stylish, comfortable, and made from recycled plastic bottles. Help your pet sleep better and help the environment with this boldly patterned pet pillow.

Credit: L.L. Bean

For your flannel-loving fido or feline, pick up this plaid perch. Your pet will feel like they’re in a cabin in the woods no matter where they are. The pattern a perfect fit with any rustic home decor.

Credit: Wayfair

Go bold with this zig zag pillow pet bed. The simple colors offset the wild print, so it will fit with whatever look you’re going for. It’s no doubt your pet will be the center of attention with this one.

Credit: Wayfair

This bed screams one word: luxury. If you have a posh pet that only sits for the highest quality, this is definitely the bed for them. Get a mini-sized version of your human-sized couch to make your furry friend really feel like part of the family.

Credit: Muttropolis

If your home is all about color, pick a piece that matches your vibe. This bright, energetic pet pillow is a statement piece that you and your pet will love. Prepare for all the likes when you post a pic of your pet in this one.

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