Popular Pets Around The Globe

Everyone thinks their pet is the best in the world, but the common pets we think of here aren’t quite the same as the typical pets in other countries. Here’s a look at some of the most popular (and surprising) pets from across the globe.


In this wacky Asian country, large horned beetles are actually a popular pet. That’s right, instead of being scared of these weird-looking bugs, kids actually look forward to their first horned beetle. They’re typically bought as grubs, and they need special care in order to grow into full-sized beetles.

Credit: Tofugu


The Chinese believe crickets to be lucky, so they’re often kept as pets. Most prefer the Chinese singing cricket, which they keep in small cages. They even go so far as to hold cricket fighting events to show whose pet is the strongest.

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Next time you’re in Taiwan, take note of all the tortoises. These are kept as common pets due to their relatively small size. They’re also pretty easy to take care of, which makes them ideal for city living. Legend has it that having a tortoise brings long life to the owner.

Credit: Taiwan News


The Brazilians love their birds. The bird population in Brazil is the highest in the world by over 10 times. Brazil has one of the most diverse and rich wild bird populations in the world, so it’s no surprise that people also think of them as great pets. Popular species include parrots, macaws, and cockatoos.

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Peru is known for their alpaca, so it makes sense for them to be a popular pet. These alpaca actually serve double duty. They’re a great pet for the family, but they also provide silky fur that can be sold for profit. Plus, they’re very loyal and can even learn simple commands.

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