Popeye: Freshpet and Fresh Starts

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Popeye got his “Fresh Start” the day we picked him up from the streets.  Even though he was filthy, matted, and underweight, all we saw was a pup who wanted to be loved.  It didn’t take long for him to steal our hearts.  He’s now 50% heavier, microchipped, neutered and a member of our family of two humans and two other pups.  Popeye has gained a following as Popeye the Foodie on Instagram where he poses often with food, human food.  One of the most common questions we get from his fans is “Does he eat that food?”  And the answer is that he gets bits and pieces of anything that is safe for him, but we are very particular on our dogs’ diets.   We want all our pups to be happy and healthy and with us as long as possible, therefore we are careful with what we feed them.  When looking for food options, we want to make sure the food we feed them is of premium quality.   Fortunately, our dogs loved the Freshpet pet food as it actually looks like the human food that they will always prefer.

Before our pups tried out Freshpet food, we did our research on the company and products.  Not only is the company focused on quality pet food, they’re also making sure that they do so with consideration of our environment.  In addition, they celebrate animals in need of a fresh start through their “Fresh Start” program.  In its first year of the ‘Fresh Start’ program, Freshpet is working with rescue organization Animal Alliance of New Jersey whereby Freshpet is helping to raise funds to open the shelter’s rehabilitation wing later this year. For every “share” of this video, Freshpet will donate $1 toward this New Jersey rehab unit. This will allow more animals to get the care they need to become ready for finding a family. This campaign is very near and dear to our hearts as Popeye is our rescue. If you’re ready to add a pet to your life, don’t be afraid of adopting one that has an unknown past.  It may require some patience and TLC, but you may be giving your own Popeye a “Fresh Start” and a new life.  The joy and love you’ll receive back are so much more.

From the care they take to source their ingredients and make their food, to the moment it reaches our home, Freshpet’s integrity, transparency and social responsibility are things we value in their business.

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Popeye the Foodie

Popeye is a LA stray pup turned food connoisseur. His breed mix is unknown, his birthday is unknown, and his past is unknown. But he now has plenty of people who know him as Popeye the Foodie and he's often seen around town usually sharply dressed at the coolest pet-friendly restaurants.

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