Pool Floats For Pup

There’s still plenty of time left to enjoy the summer heat, and that means extra pool time with your canine companion. Here are some adorable floats to let your dog take a dip.

Credit: PetFlow

This one is pawfect for your precious pup. Big or small dogs can fit on this bright yellow paw. No need for doggy paddling, this float is for pure relaxation.

Credit: Amazon

If your pup doesn’t mind getting a little wet, this float might be the perfect fit. The floaties around the edge make sure they don’t sink, but the fabric in the middle cools them down.

Credit: Frontgate

Your doge can lounge all day in this plush, bone-shaped pillow. The fabric is comfortable and it comes in a bunch of colors to fit your pet’s personality.

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

If your dog is trying to take a dip but protect that precious fur, try this fun float. It lets them enjoy the water while basking in the nice, cool shade.

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