Podcast 7: The Secrets of Dogs of Instagram

Have you been podcasting with us? We’re super-excited to have the founders of Dogs of Instagram over for a chat!


If you, like millions of others, follow Dogs of Instagram, you probably have noticed the high quality photos and engaging content, but there’s much more that goes into running such a widely successful Instagram account. Ahmed El Shourbagy and Ashley Paguyo El Shourbagy, the people behind Dogs of Instagram, speak with Loni Edwards, Founder of The Dog Agency and PetInsider, about how they accrued such a large following, how they maintain their founding principles for the account, and how the account has inspired them to create their own e-commerce site.


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Maureen Dempsey

Maureen Dempsey is a freelance writer living in New York with an ancient, 14-year-old chihuahua and a feisty, young dachshund.

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