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Dogs are amazing, so it only makes sense to have an entire mountain dedicated to them. Stephen Huneck and his wife Gwen agreed. They bought a 150-acre, mountain-top property in 1995 and have been making it the perfect place for dogs and their owners ever since.

Credit: Dog Mountain/Facebook

Dog Mountain is located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. It features a peaceful mountaintop covered in wildflowers, hiking trails, and dog ponds. It’s open year-round for dogs and their owners to come explore. Dogs are welcome to roam freely without a leash to fully enjoy all that the mountain has to offer.

Credit: Dog Mountain/Facebook

One of the most touching and unique things that Dog Mountain has to offer is its dog chapel. At the top of the hill sits a beautiful little white chapel dedicated entirely to dogs. Owners can come in and write messages on the wall to remember their pets who have passed away.

Credit: Dog Mountain/Facebook

Huneck always envisioned a wall of messages, but he never expected the response he got. Now, almost every surface of the chapel is covered in messages and photos from owners remembering their precious pals.

Credit: Amanda McDermott/NY Post

The goal of Dog Mountain is to remember the lives of the pets we’ve lost, but also to celebrate the ones that are still here. These animals love us so unconditionally, so it makes sense for us to show our love in return. If you’re looking for a beautiful weekend getaway with your pup, definitely don’t miss Dog Mountain.

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