Pets On The Go

If you have a petite pet, you have the advantage of being able to take them with you pretty much wherever you go. All they have to do is hop in a little travel bag and they’re ready to roll. They’re portable and they look pretty adorable, too.

Chloe is a perfect lil loaf that fits perfectly into her travel bag. Even when she’s not on the move, she always has a cozy place to hide away and snuggle.

The Traveling Tuna loves to take in the sights and smells as he travels around.

Pumpkin’s ready to escape the beach at any moment if he decides he just can’t deal today.

Remix prefers to stand out in a sea of black with his bright blue bag. Always the style icon, Remix knows that a pop of color is always in fashion.

That is a dog. He is in a backpack. It’s hands-free and your canine companion literally has your back. Life is good.

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calla chuy

Calla is is a southern lady living in the big city and she's always proud to have professional puppy-phile on her resume. She is obsessed with all things PetCon and can't wait for the next one! In her free time, she can be found trying to pet dogs she meets on the streets of NYC!

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