Pets of Broadway: Waitress’ Anastacia McCleskey and Flower

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“Cameron Adams, a friend of mine, posted on Instagram saying ‘My friend (Sarah Jenkins) is trying to find a home for this dog.’ Sarah’s mother is a nurse and one of her patients had a dog and was staying at a halfway house in California (where the puppies were born) so they had to give them away. There were six and Sarah’s mother rescued four and Sarah brought two to the East Coast.”


“I had been wanting to get a dog for about ten years but it was never the right time because of work. At the time I was staying with my best friend and her wife who started Oh to Be a Dog, and they were like ‘you should get the dog, we think it’s time.’ I was like ‘really? You do mind having another dog in your house?’ They said ‘no, we’ll help you train her.’”


“I went to meet her first at Sarah’s house and she was a little nervous and so tiny and Blue (Sarah’s dog and Flower’s sister) was there going crazy, I love her. I left and went to a cafe around the corner with a friend and I was like ‘I just don’t know.’ I was more attracted to Blue because she had all this energy. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about her and she had this innocence in her eyes. There was something about her that was super sweet. So I told Sarah I thought I was going to take her and I went and bought all the stuff I needed. I probably overbought everything and I was super excited. Because I wanted a dog for so long, I had pee pads that I bought like ten years ago and two dog bowls, I know, crazy. I got a little bag and went over there and picked her up.”



“Sarah has Ozzy and Blue so she had been around these wonderful dogs and she was leaving her sister so she was nervous. I took her home in a cab and she cried in the bag and I felt so bad. She was like ‘who are you and why are we in a car?’ We got to my friend’s place where I was staying at the time and I let her out and roam around. I bought this playpen and crate and gave her a toy but she wasn’t about it. We literally sat across from each other and stared at each other for the longest. I was scared out of my mind. It’s like adopting a child on a whim. The first night she cried most of the night when I put her in the crate. But we got through it and I’ve had a ton of help from close friends, so that’s been great. We’ve made it through our first year together so that’s a great accomplishment.”


“She came with her first round of shots but when I took her for her second and third, she would cry and it would break my heart. I never knew I could be that close with an animal of another species. I’m very protective of her and she’s very protective of me. I used to be afraid of dogs. As I became an adult I lot of friends had dogs. They’re really cool creatures. They have their own personalities, their own ideas about things.”



“She travels everywhere with me. She went with me to Baltimore. I’m from Nashville so she goes with me there. She likes to travel. She loves the outdoors. My dream is to have a farm on the beach and I want to have more dogs.”


“If we spoke the same language, I probably wouldn’t tell her anything because she’s probably smarter than me! I would ask her ‘are you in any pain anywhere?’ Or ‘what do you like to do? “What’s your thing? And how can we fix this you’re afraid of water situation?’” I would also ask her what she believes in. I’m a spiritual person and I would ask her ‘what are your thoughts on life? Where do you think we came from?’”


See Anastacia McCleskey in Waitress at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.


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