Pets are Family, Not Property: Coco + Cici

Did you know that under the law pets are seen as replaceable property? That’s right, the law essentially treats losing a pet the same way as losing a table. In honor of Chloe the Mini Frenchie, Loni Edwards’ beloved dog who passed away due to medical error, PetInsider will be featuring a story every Wednesday about pets being family, not property. Please join us by reading the stories and signing the pledge we created with the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) to push for change


After nearly thirteen years as an integral part of family, our little Princess… a beautiful loving Maltese… had lost all of her teeth, stopped eating, and was separating from the pack (our family).  It was her way of communicating that her time with us had come to an end, and it was one of the most difficult things we had to do as a family. 



We felt an emptiness in our house immediately, and quickly decided that the best medicine would be to bring in a new family member.  That is when we met Coco… From the time we saw her laying on a blanket that looked exactly like the blanket Princess used to love, we were convinced that she was a gift from our precious little girl.  Coco stole our hearts immediately.  She was tiny, but fierce, playful and smart… and she had the personality that we longed for since having to say goodbye to Princess.



Coco filled our hearts with love and made our lives happy again.  So much so, that about 6 months later we decided to adopt a little sister for Coco.  Coco & Cici became the best of friends, sleeping next to each other and always playing.  While they do almost everything together they both have their own personalities and quirks, which make them unique and special.  Together they are as much a part of our family as any of us.



Coco, albeit only two years old, is already a trained and registered therapy dog, who works every week at Phoenix Children’s Hospital… making children with serious health issues smile by being affectionate and doing her tricks for them. Cici is in training to be a therapy dog, and will share her special energy with sick children soon. Dogs, or pets in general, bring so much joy to the world, and the last thing that should be granted to pets, is the rights of a couch or house hold item. The issue of whether or not pets should be treated as property, should be easily dismissed as impossible.  They are as much a part of the family unit as any human being.


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Coco and Cici

Coco & Cici are maltese dogs who live in Scottsdale AZ. Coco a registered therapy dog who loves treats & doing her famous pose of “sit pretty”. Sister Cici is in training both for the therapy dog & learning to “sit pretty”. Check out their daily life on Instagram & FB.

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