PetInsider Podcast Artwork Winner

I was very excited to have the opportunity to make the logo for PetInsider’s new podcast! In approaching it, I thought it would be fun to have a ton of the influencers from The Dog Agency represented. I squeezed in as many as I could and did my best to emphasize the things that make each pet unique so that they were recognizable. It was so much fun getting to scroll through everyone’s Instagram and look at their pets all day. I was so happy to see so many people correctly guessing each pet when the picture was posted!
Here are a few pics I used for inspiration:


Pug Rides Shotgun in his signature wig!



How could you miss Tuna’s overbite and shrivel neck?!



Loki looking fierce per usual!



And sweet Piglet really is pink!

Here’s the full list of influencers pictured! Did you guess them all?
We are SO excited to announce that the winner of the contest is @marinabambina! Congratulations on guessing the most influencers! You really know your pets!
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157 of Gemma

157 of gemma is a cartoon about living with a chubby and opinionated pug named Mochi. Mochi is a very happy and sweet pug that sees life in a particular way. In his world his happy life with his Mom (Mami) is truncated by the constant presence of his Dad. Also, he thinks he is human and he shouldn’t walk up the stairs, that is why moms are for. His life got complicated and overall much worse when his parents had the audacity to adopt two chihuahuas that Mochi refere to as the grosslets. Gemma Gené, the artist behind 157ofgemma, was born in Barcelona where she grew up drawing everything that went through her mind. Her life changed dramatically when she met Mochi. They inmediately fell in love with each other and did everything together. They moved to New York where she worked as an architect. She missed Mochi so much during her work hours that started drawing about him on her subway commutes. Thanks to social media the comics became her main job and basically she hangs out with Mochi all day, and Mochi loves that!

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