Pet Pizza Pawty

Nothing brings people and pets together quite like pizza. Whether you prefer plain cheese or pupperoni, a slice always hits the spot. Here are some of our most precious pets having their own lil pizza pawties:

Toast and Muppet chilling on slices of everything pizza is…well, everything. These pups know how to lounge in style and they’ve picked the perfect trendy summer floats.

Rambo looks like he has the perfect Saturday night planned. Nothing like snuggling up in bed with your favorite hoodie, a glass of wine, a slice of ‘za, and all the Netflix you can handle.

Any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough. I’m sure Sumo from 3bulldogges would definitely agree.

We all know this look. It’s that look you give that last bite of delicious pizza right before you devour it. The look of longing and disappointment knowing that your delicious experience is about to come to an end.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Corgi Sneakers loves nothing more than a fresh pie. Even if his version is just a toy that looks like a fresh pie.

When you can’t choose, order both. Chloe is not shy when it comes to her pizza preferences and she’s always ready to chow down.

Pumpkin serves only the divine pizza god. He worships that ooey gooey triangle of cheesy and saucy goodness.

Most people are pretty against sharing a slice of pizza, but Casper doesn’t seem to mind. He prefers taking delicate slurps instead of bites to really savor the flavor.

That pizza’s not missing a slice, that’s just a Dolly-sized serving. If you don’t actually eat the WHOLE pizza…it’s basically healthy, right?

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