Pet Hotels for the Pampered Pooch

Sometimes, no matter how much your pup wags their tail or gives you puppy dog eyes, you just can’t bring them with you. While we never wish to separate from our best friends, these pet hotels make going away easier.

Hotel: D Pet Hotels

Location: Austin, TX. Chelsea, NYC. Scottsdale, AZ. Hollywood, CA. Los Angeles, CA

Services: Lavish suites, Full gym (dogga classes not included), Spa, Chauffeur services

The week your pampered pooch spends at D Pet Hotels will likely be nicer than wherever you plan on going!

Hotel: Pooch Hotel

Location: California (various). Illinois (various). Norwalk, CT. Denver, CO. Newton, MA. Dallas, TX.

Services: Pool, Spa, Fitness Center, Indoor play area (with real grass), 24-hour webcam access for parents!

You don’t have to miss your pet when they stay at the Pooch hotel, they’re simply a FaceTime away for you to be jealous of all the lavish fun that they’re having!

Hotel: Paradise Ranch Pet Resort

Location:  San Fernando Valley, CA

Services: Pool, Doggy Waterpark, Webcam, grassy areas

This resort is nicer than any I’ve been to! It’s good to live the ruff life of a pup.


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