Pet Hair Everywhere?

Fluffy and Fido are like members of your family, just with a little extra fur. And although you love them to death, sometimes the constant fur balls are a little too much to handle. If you’re struggling to keep your space hair-free, here are some handy tips.

For your rugs and upholstery:

Take a rubber glove and get it a little wet. Run your hand all over the area to pick up the pet hair. When the gloves gets covered, rinse it off in the sink and keep cleaning until all the hair is gone.

Credit: Clark Howard

For your car:

Spray upholstered seats with water, then use a squeegee to get that interior squeaky clean.

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For your carpet:

Before vacuuming, sweep your carpet thoroughly with a rubber broom to catch any loose hair. Then, spray the area with diluted fabric softener to loosen the fabric and hair up even more. This should make it easier to vacuum up every last hair.

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For hardwood floors:

Don’t try to use a vacuum, as that will probably just blow the hair around. Get a microfiber mop or dust slippers that will attract hair with static cling.

Credit: GearBest

For your clothes:

Lint rollers are always great for a little spot cleaning, but to keep as much pet hair off your clothes as possible, use dryer sheets to get rid of static.

Credit: Bob Vila

For your couches and chairs:

If your pet has a spot where they normally hang out, trying covering it with a blanket or dropcloth. When you have company come over, just take off that blanket and marvel at your fur-free furniture.

Credit: Orvis

For wherever:

Ever feel like you just need an industrial-sized lint roller? Make your own with just a paint roller and some duct tape. When the tape gets too hairy, just throw it out and throw on some more.

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