Pet Hair Color To Dye For

When it comes to giving your pet a colorful coif, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. The first is the type of dye you’re using and the second is your mutt’s reaction to this makeover. Doggy hair dye can cause some drama because some say it can be super stressful for your pup. The key to a marvelous makeover is to take things slow and always gauge your pet’s reaction as you go. If you think you and your pup are ready to give it a shot, take a look at this list of dog-approved dye.

Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel

If you’re looking for some serious color, this gel can do the trick. This non-toxic, semi-permanent gel is easier to apply than liquid dye. And with colors ranging from Pop Star Pink to Tango Turquoise to Wicked Red and more, you’re sure to find the shade you need.

Natural Food Coloring

Made from vegetable colorants, this natural dye is very gentle on your pet’s fur. It has no synthetic dyes or harmful ingredients that would irritate their skin. Food coloring is a great, subtle way to tint your pup’s majestic floof.

Sugar-Free Kool-Aid

Turns out this rainbow drink is good for more than just summer pool parties. By mixing some of this colorful powder with doggy conditioner, you can have your pup looking fabulous in no time. And after a few baths, that color will wash out and you’ll pup will be good as new.

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As always, remember to take things slowly and even test a small patch of fur first to see how your dog will react. Make sure to keep your pup’s eyes clear and avoid any sensitive spots. If at anytime your pooch seems stressed, forget about the makeover. A fun-colored pup is not worth unnecessary trauma to your pet.

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