Pawsome Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are the perfect finishing touch for any home. They provide entertainment for guests, act as nice living room accessories, and are especially engaging when the pages are filled with all things pets. These coffee table books are great for you, your guests, and your pets won’t eat them the way they did your 8th grade math homework!

Assouline, the premiere brand of luxury coffee table books, has curated the perfect book for dog lovers. This 80 page book, written and curated by the editorial advisor of Elle and Elle Decor, is filled with amazing photographs and illustrations of fashion forward dogs. A sure crowd pleaser for any dog friendly home!

Photo Credit: Assouline

Tim Flach, multi award winning photographer, brings us Dogs, a book that shows the loving bond between human and pup through magnificent photographs!

Photo Credit: Tim Flach

Underwater Dogs is a must have for all dog lovers! What better way to start off a dinner party than flipping through pages of pups doing the doggy paddle and so much more!

Photo Credit: Seth Casteel

Wedding Dogs documents the special days of those who couldn’t say “I dawg” without their best friend by their side. This book is a loving celebration of holy muttrimony.

Photo Credit: Katie Preston Toepfer

If Where’s Waldo captured your attention, then Find Momo is sure to enchant you. This book is a hide-and-seek photo series, filled with gorgeous photographs. Flip through it for the pictures of turn it into a game of hide and seek and try to spot Momo the border collie in every picture.

Photo Credit: Andrew Knapp

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