Pawshion Police: Who Wore It Best? Edition

Izzy: Greetings all you beautiful people!! Welcome to another edition of the Pawshion Police!

Elsa: Hello, friends! What a glorious day to be alive and surrounded by fashion! Hello, my fair lady, Izzy!

Izzy: Oh, Elsa, I like what you did there! I’m not sure if I should groan or applaud.

Elsa: I’m just so excited to share the “Who Wore it Best?” photo this week.

Izzy: I am a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn too, so I can’t blame you for being excited. Hepburn was an international fashion icon! Not only was she a respected actress, but she was the muse for the amazing fashion couturier, Hubert de Givenchy.

Elsa: And My Fair Lady is such a great movie. What a classic show starring a classic beauty.

Izzy: So without further ado…

Elsa: Who Wore it Best? I present to you the incomparable Eliza Doolittle and a stunning beauty from @fashiontailsboutique.


Izzy: Audrey for the win, for me. Look at that body-ody-ody! You can’t beat the original in this instance. Audrey’s figure is amazing and is accentuated perfectly in this white dress. The bows and trim only punctuate her curves.

Elsa: Once again, we agree. While the canine version of Ms. Doolittle doesn’t quite have the same curves as the original, she brings her own brand of sass to the custom made dress. I love how she followed the basic design of the original, but chose to make her version sleeveless. A wonderful effort and a close race, but I have to give the original the win. But then again, what lady is fair enough to win against My Fair Lady?

Izzy: Much like Elza Doolittle, our next fashionista is also pretty in her beautiful bows and head dressing…


Elsa: Pearl from @kinghenry_princesspearl is just lovely! When everything is this perfect, it’s hard to know where to start. So, I’ll just dive right in by admiring this fabulous floral wreath. Flowers never go out of style. The colors of the blooms are perfect. The pale pink, lavenders and a few darker shades really give this wreath depth and interest.

Izzy: I love the addition of the gold bling bow around Pearl’s neck. I love bling, of course. The thing about bling is to use it sparingly. Too much sparkle.

Elsa: I never thought you’d say “too much sparkle,” Izzy. Is there such a thing?

Izzy: I shock myself sometimes. But this is the perfect example of the perfect amount of bling. Not so much to be tacky and not so subtle as to be lost.

Elsa: The fur vest is also so luxe. Pearl did a masterful job of blending colors and textures. Let’s face it; a fur vest, gold sparkly bow and a floral wreath could go very …

Izzy: Hooker?

Elsa: I was going to say, unrefined. But this mix of floral wreath, gold bow and fur vest is so elegant. Pearl, you have an eye for fashion.

Izzy: Speaking of her eyes… look at those blue peepers!

Elsa: Our next lovely fashionista also looks beautiful in blue, too.


Izzy: @littledoglia, you are so pretty in blue.

Elsa: Lia is a rising star out of Japan. If you haven’t had a chance to look through her Instagram account, I encourage you to visit and be inspired.

Izzy: That is an extraordinary shade of blue on lovely little Lia! The dress is from Kiki Dogwear. The neckline is unexpected for canine fashion, but I love it! The neck ruffle gives a bit of a bohemian or Spanish flair, but the styling elevates it to ultra chic.

Elsa: That scarf from Fendi is killing me! This monogrammed scarf really makes the outfit special. I love how the background of the scarf is a perfect color match to the dress, but the colors of the monogram in the print really gives it a pop of color.

Izzy: You can’t go wrong with a Fendi anything! But you’re right, this scarf and dress combination is particularly amazing. You know who else is particularly amazing….



Izzy: We’ve gone from My Fair Lady to a not so ordinary man: @missproutprout. Hermès is easy on the eyes in this grey and black number.

Elsa: His sleeves are rolled-up! I know you love that, Izzy.

Izzy: Yes, yes, I do. I really love when a man shows off his bulging muscles. But the focal point of this outfit has to be the oversized bow tie. I love the scale of this tie, as well as the polka dots. The black contrasts so nicely with the white shirt and the grey sweater. But of course, it’s the size of the tie that makes it special.

Elsa: Its not oversized for Hermès though. While the tie is oversized, it’s not too big for a big guy like Hermès. Bow ties are incredibly fashionable for everyone from hipsters to business men.

Izzy: This fedora is amazing with his coloring too. Did you know that the fedora first appeared in 1882 as a hat for females? Actress Sarah Bernhardt wore the hat in a play called “Fedora” and soon all the fashionable women were wearing one.

Elsa: Hermès is clearly all man though! It wasn’t until after 1924 when Prince Edward of Britain started wearing a fedora that they become an integral part of men’s fashion.

Izzy: I love the ribbon rope detail on the hat. That detail, plus the subtle polka-dot on the tie and the white trim on the sweater take a plain outfit and turn it into something special.

Elsa: Take a look at another outfit that is something special. It’s @mochiandthecity.



Izzy: Mochi is very special! She is one hot mama!

Elsa: Leopard print is so tricky to implement into an outfit, but Mochi is one sophisticated lady. She knows exactly how to use prints to her benefit.

Izzy: Leopard can go very tacky, very quickly. This Catty Velour Pullover by Chewsy is so elegant though. I think what makes this chic is that she is using the pattern in a minimalistic way. Mochi is showing a lot of fur which neutralizes the print. Had she worn a leopard print pant or scarf with this, it would have been way over the top.

Elsa: The glasses are amazing too. I love that the frames are pink, of course, but I also love the shape. The frame shape itself is interesting and unique.

Izzy: Even though the glasses don’t match the outfit, they add a pop of color that really elevates the entire look.

Elsa: And there is that bit of bling! We love Rebel Dawg (Insert link) here at Pawshion Patrol. I adore how the star charm dangles from Mochi’s neck.

Izzy: Have you been to the front page of Chewsy lately?

Elsa: Of course!! Mochi is modeling this exact look on the front cover page. That’s like making the cover of Italian Vogue. So proud of you, Mochi!

Izzy: You’re not going to be as proud of @shan_n_stan.


Izzy: That is just a hot mess. I almost threw up in my mouth.

Elsa: It is hard on the eyes, bless her heart.

Izzy: Okay, so, obviously, the hair. Wow!

Elsa: I’m not sure that this was the right time to start experimenting with a wig. Grooming and styling really do make a difference.

Izzy: While that is usually true, I’m not sure that proper grooming would really make that much of a difference in this instance.

Elsa: Oh, Izzy! I’m afraid you might be right though! Even if you removed the wig, there would still be a lot wrong with this look.

Izzy: Look at the pin, the skirt, the cape, the leash, the wig, of course, and the mix of fabrics, texture and colors….

Elsa: I don’t know where to look and that is part of the problem here. There are so many things going on that there is no one focal point.

Izzy: The only part of this outfit that I actually like is that pin. That could be very nice on a suit.

Elsa: That’s the only nice thing you can come up with?

Izzy: Yep.

Elsa: Well, I do like the skirt. It doesn’t fit well, but with the right fit and the right top, it could be nice. I could see it paired with a simple top and shoe for a youthful look!

Izzy: It would be nice with a leotard and and a pair of ballet slippers on a four year old.
Elsa: Four is youthful!

Izzy: I have to stop looking at this.

Elsa: We still love you, @shan_n_stan! We love your boldness and unique style.

Izzy: Please don’t wear that ever again though.

Elsa: It’s been an interesting show, to say the least.

Izzy: I’m looking forward to more amazing fashions next week!

Elsa: And I even kind of enjoy the fashion misses!

Izzy: If we get another Miss who misses by that much again, I might need therapy!

Elsa: You never know what the Pawshion Police will find!

Izzy: Stay tuned!

Elsa & Izzy: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!


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