Pawshion Police: Royal Wedding Edition

Welcome to a special edition of Pawshion Police. Your home for all things in canine fashion from the fabulous to the dog-gone horrible.

Izzy: Greetings everyone! I’m Izzy!



Elsa: And I’m Elsa! So glad you’re here this week.


Izzy: I’m so glad it’s spring!


Elsa: I love spring flowers, beautiful weather and of course… the start of wedding season!


Izzy: The only thing I don’t love about wedding season is that I’m not the one wearing a wedding dress.


Elsa: You are going to make a beautiful bride on your wedding day, Izzy!


Izzy: I don’t want a wedding or to be tied down to one man. I just want the wedding dress.


Elsa: Oh, Izzy! I love a good romance and can’t wait to be a blushing bride. I am also so excited about tomorrow!!!


Izzy: I have mixed emotions on that one. I LOVE that there is going to be a royal wedding.
I hate that my favorite ginger is off the market. I had plans for him.


Elsa: What exactly were your plans?


Izzy: I was going to marry him.


Elsa: I thought you didn’t want to get married.


Izzy: I’d make an exception for Harry.


Elsa: You don’t need Harry. You’re already a princess.


Izzy: A queen, don’t you mean?


Elsa: Yes, your highness. I forgot.


Izzy: I bet Meghan Markle will be dreamy and absolutely stunning on her wedding day.
And of course, Prince Harry will be oh-so-handsome! A real-life Prince Charming, I’ll bet!


Elsa: Well, I imagine his betrothed will wear something traditional but with a modern element. I can see her in a form-fitted gown.


Izzy: I can’t wait to see the royal wedding dress. I bet it will be dreamy! Just like the first look of this special edition of Pawshion Police!



Izzy: Our first look comes from @sebastianlovesluna. I’m swooning over this adorable couple! They both look perfect.


Elsa: I love the beautiful, full skirt Luna is wearing. It is so delicate and ethereal. Add a tiara and she could be a princess bride.


Izzy: She can be the princess but I am still the queen. But I do love the blush pink flowers in the wreath. The color looks so amazing against her light complexion. And of course, I love a little bling! The bodice is stunning with pearls and rhinestones.


Elsa: Sebastian looks incredible in blue. The suit is impeccably tailored and the pink tie and boutonniere is a lovely accompaniment to Luna’s wreath.


Izzy: The setting for this wedding is near and dear to my heart. The cherry blossoms of Washington, DC is the perfect canvas. Why wasn’t I invited?


Elsa: Do you know them?


Izzy: That shouldn’t matter. Nevertheless, I think they made some really smart color choices. And now we move onto some not so good choices.



Elsa: Oh, child!!! This is something.


Izzy: Isn’t it?


Elsa: The positives… I adore that they are both wearing couture fashion. Though I don’t agree with some of their styling choices, I love that they are expressing their individuality with their own unique outfits. And the beach is beautiful.


Izzy: Beach weddings… yuck. Beautiful setting but sand…. EVERYWHERE. I MEAN EVERYWHERE. I bet they didn’t find all the sand until the wedding night.


Elsa: Getting back to the photo…. I would have loved to have seen a bow tie on the groom and for goodness sake, wash your feet.


Izzy: I don’t think the bride even brushed her hair for this event. Looks like this is a rushed wedding, if you know what I mean.


Elsa: I think we ALL know what you mean. It does look a bit rushed. A bride should always strive to be neatly groomed for her groom. This is a case where a professional hairdresser and make-up artist would have made all the difference.


Izzy: Is he sniffing her? I think he is ACTUALLY smelling her and I don’t think she has even showered.


Elsa: Or maybe he is whispering sweet nothings into her ear??


Izzy: I think chances are high that he is actually sniffing her.


Elsa: The train is lovely, but not very practical for a beach wedding.


Izzy: Do you suppose they held their wedding on drunk Friday? Because open bars will do this to people.


Elsa: Whatever the reason for their decisions, I wish them both a very happy marriage.


Izzy: Me too! Elsa, have you figured out what you are wearing to the Royal Wedding this weekend?


Elsa: I don’t believe that I’m invited, Izzy.


Izzy: You can be my plus one.


Elsa: Were you invited?


Izzy: Not yet, but I’m sure that the invitation was just lost in the mail. You know transatlantic mail service can be tricky. I have been browsing through my favorite fashionista’s for inspiration and I’ve come across this beautiful look from @lily_glamour_lady.


Elsa: Lily looks so elegant! I love everything about this look for a daytime wedding. The color is the perfect compliment for her coloring. The pink looks especially good with the delicate pink of her ears.


Izzy: Wouldn’t it be adorable if there was a little teacup Yorkie poking his head out of her handbag?


Elsa: Adorable!


Izzy: I also love the texture of her outfit and how it is echoed in the quilting of the handbag.


Elsa: She is the perfect inspiration for daytime wedding guests this season. For men, check-out this trendy look from @toby_littledude.



Izzy: What a handsome man! He looks so smart in his Harvard shirt from @formytommy_official. The colors are bright and perfect for an informal daytime wedding guest look.


Elsa: The accessories are on-point. The hat, while the color doesn’t match the top exactly, looks great with it. The light aqua band is in the same color family as the top and the blue is the perfect contrast.


Izzy: The glasses make the look more modern and create a perfect focal point.


Elsa: We both agree that Toby is perfectly dressed to be the ideal daytime wedding guest. But what about a look for an evening wedding?


Izzy: What is your pick for an elegant evening wedding look?


Elsa: I adore this look from @nenatheprfrenchie.


Izzy: She is perfectly dusted. Bam! This off the shoulder look is so flattering on Nena. It makes her neck look ten feet long and so elegant.


Elsa: The necklace is just such a pretty focal point. And I love that she is wearing black. At one time, it was considered to be inappropriate to wear black to a wedding, but today, black is considered to be a very chic choice.


Izzy: Black is always flattering and slimming on every body type. I’m glad to see that it is showing up at more and more modern weddings. In fact I’ve seen a few fashionable wedding guests wearing white recently.


Elsa: When Poppy Delevingne got married, her supermodel sister, Cara wore a white bridesmaid’s dress. They both looked amazing. But as a general rule, I’d say that it is definitely safer to avoid wearing white as a wedding guest. No one wants to be the one to show-up the bride!


Izzy: Red should also generally be avoided as wedding guest attire.


Elsa: Red is worn by the bride in many cultures, so wearing it as a guest is dangerous ground.


Izzy: Plus, red is such a bold color that it will likely stand-out in a not-so-good way in wedding photos. The next look is the perfect example for a handsome gent attending a formal, evening wedding.



Elsa: @ourlittlegreyshoes looks amazing!


Izzy: His piercing eyes are just incredible. The color of his eyes, while amazing in their own right, is accentuated by the dark suit.


Elsa: I love the pin stripping! A vertical stripe always elongates the body and he looks like he knows this and how to use this visual trick to his best advantage.


Izzy: One of my favorite parts of this look is how perfectly pressed his suit is and how crispy white the shirt looks.


Elsa: He looks neat and well-groomed. His fur looks clean and perfectly styled. The groom better step up his game to keep up with this handsome fella.


Izzy: We have one more fashion hero to view today, meet @themajesticsnorter.



Elsa: What a beauty!! The delicate pink color and ethereal fabric is sublime and is perfect for an occasion as elegant and tender as a wedding. I particularly love the subtle touch of bling around Sue Sue’s neckline that would likely catch the sun during an outdoor event.


Izzy: The Majestic Snorter is very majestic in this look, indeed. The focal point is this exquisite necklace. Some of the colors of the stones match the frock, while others compliment it. If done right, pairing a bold accessory with a demure outfit can definitely amp up the look. This is done right.


Elsa: In this case, the accessory becomes the conversation piece. While the dress is absolutely beautiful, the necklace is the show stopper.


Izzy: If an outfit is comprised of multiple colors, loud or multiple patterns, fringe, or ruffled tchotchke, any accessory should be understated.


Elsa: In this instance, Sue Sue chose a bold statement piece to amplify her beautiful, but quiet outfit into a bold look that will have even royal wedding watchers talking.


Izzy: So glad Majestic caught our eye this week. I have really enjoyed this special edition of the Pawshion Police. I am so looking forward to all the weddings I will be attending this year.


Elsa: And with the royal wedding upon us, everybody’s look better be on-point, because we will have the Pawshion Police out in full force writing tickets.


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