Pawshion Police: Too Cool for School Edition

Izzy: Greetings all you, cheerleaders and astronomy nerds!

Elsa: You’re not only offending our viewer before the show even starts but you are stereotyping people.

Izzy: Number one, the show has already started. Number two, you’re the only one who is offended. I happen to like cheerleaders and I LOVE astronomy AND nerds!

Elsa: I’m not sure that the word “nerd” is a good thing to call people. That’s insulting.

Izzy: I call you a nerd all the time…

Elsa: No, you don’t….. wait… do you??

Izzy: So, anyway, today on the Pawshion Police we are going to feature outfits that are just “Too Cool for School.”

Elsa: Apparently, according to you, I’m not cool enough for school.

Izzy: I told you, being a nerd is the hip thing to be now, so you are right on trend. And we all know how you love being trendy!

Elsa: You are masking your insults in tricky little compliments. Compliments? Is the right word..

Izzy: I mask everything in trickery. Trickery and a wee bit of sparkle.

Elsa: You’re 90% insults and 10% sparkle!!

Izzy: We are digressing… Our show is about school fashions. The school year is well under way and all those back to school outfits are yesterday’s news. Let’s look at some inspirational outfits to carry us through the rest of the school year.



Elsa: This handsome fella really is too cool for school in this amazing top from @pawmain streetwear for pets.

Izzy: This kid is ready for art history class, fo sho!

Elsa: Casual streetwear doesn’t have to consist of a dull grey hoodie. This top is in a fun red shade and features the iconic Mona Lisa.

Izzy: Così in grande stile.

Elsa: Throwing out some Italian?

Izzy: I get around. I’m a world traveler, bitch!

Elsa: You know what else I think is clever? I like how he mimicked the blueprint on his shirt in his eyewear.

Izzy: And Carlos, I have a question…What did you do last night that requires Advil and why didn’t you invite me?

Elsa: Whatever he did, he needs shades this morning!



Izzy: @cinderelly212, you are bound to be the best dressed in school.

Elsa: I love the patterned shirt from @shop_dog_and_co. Patterns are so much fun but must be styled correctly. If styled wrong, patterns can look overly accessorized and chaotic. The look is done expertly.

Izzy: Are you giving her an A?

Elsa: I’m giving her an A+!!!

Izzy: My favorite part of this look is that amazing harness and chain combination from @buddybelts.

Elsa: I love the pink chain leash!!

Izzy: Of course you do! Remember in kindergarten when they had those “dress if your favorite color” day?? Did you dress in pink everyday.

Elsa: I do wear other colors, as you can see.

Izzy: Just asking.. sheesh… anyway, this look is top of the class!!



Elsa: What a refreshing change of pace… a beautiful feline fashionista!

Izzy: I think Koda is gorgeous and this jacket is so special. It is the perfect piece to help her stand-out in a classroom of people.

Elsa: The color is beautiful and the details on the jacket also makes it special. She looks tough, but also chic, feminine and fashionable.

Izzy: And those eyes!!!

Elsa: Yes, aren’t they great? What do you think are the most important elements for a school outfit?

Izzy: No uniform, for sure! That aside, I think the most important factors are comfort and being fashionable.

Elsa: When you’re in class, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable, so comfort would be my first priority.

Izzy: Can’t be thinking of a wedgie during your math test!

Elsa: Umm… right. Next, I’d say that being appropriate is vitally important. Be sure to check with your individual school to learn the dress code rules.

Izzy: Right, because as awesome as the red hoodie in our first look was, it might not be allowed at some schools. So be familiar with the specific rules of your school.

Elsa: Another important rule of thumb is to express your individual style, whether you’re athletic, bohemian or even Goth.

Izzy: Or maybe you’re bohemian one day and a perky little preppy the next.

Elsa: Exactly. We’ve come too far in our society to be subjected to labels and stereotypes.

Izzy: Or you can dress like our next guest…



Elsa: Oh, Lola… our dear, sweet, misguided Lola.

Izzy: I think they should change their IG name to titanandrick. Because I think Rick is leaving Morty alone and has hooked-up with Titan. Really, I wonder where Morty is????

Elsa: I’m looking for Papa Smurf, myself.

Izzy: Lola has been here before with that pink nightgown-esque outfit. Lola, don’t you learn!!?? If you dress funny, we’re gonna call you out, girl! Now stop with the wigs and funky clothes!

Elsa: Maybe she should go to fashion school.

Izzy: I think the only school she could go to in this outfit and not be given a failing grade is perhaps clown school. Or maybe Marge Simpson school.

Elsa: To be fair, Titan and Lola put together some amazing costumes. I love their adventurous spirits and unique style. But honestly, many of their looks, especially this one, is better suited for the stage.

Izzy: Or Halloween. Or a parade. Or a role playing game such as naughty fireman …

Elsa: Enough, Izzy! I think they get the idea.

Izzy: So Lola gets a failing grade?

Elsa: Afraid so… But I will give her extra credit for some of her other looks.

Izzy: You would be one of those participation trophy teachers, wouldn’t you?

Elsa: Unlike you, I don’t like hurting people’s feelings.

Izzy: I don’t LIKE hurting people’s feelings. I just like being honest and you have to admit…I’m quite hilarious!

Elsa: And impossible.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!

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