Pawshion Police: Thanksgiving Wardrobe Edition

Izzy: Hello all you Turkeys and Fixin’s!

Elsa: Getting excited about Thanksgiving, are we?

Izzy: What’s there not to like about a holiday that encourages you to eat until you are literally stuffed. Even if you’re a turkey!

Elsa: Especially if you are a turkey. May Tom Rest in Peace.

Izzy: You name your dinner?

Elsa: He was a friend.

Izzy: Okay, now you’re scaring me… you’re eating your friends. Am I next?

Elsa: No. I think you’d be too bitter.

Izzy: You skank!

Elsa: Now, now, Izzy… I’m kidding about the friend part. Maybe you’re just hungry.

Izzy: Hangry-ism is a real thing, people.

Elsa: By the way, i’m excited to see the dress you will be wearing to Petcon!!

Izzy: Thank you! I love my dress better than Thanksgiving dressing. Speaking of that, do you have your Thanksgiving outfit picked-out?

Elsa: Yes! I have the perfect “Going to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving Outfit!”

Izzy: Is that the official title?

Elsa: Actually, yes.

Izzy: How do you determine the best … umm…whatever you called it. “Going to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving Outfit?”

Elsa: Well, there are a few factors that should be considered. First, your Thanksgiving outfit should have a fall or neutral color scheme, like our first guest today.


Izzy: I could eat her up!! She looks like a bowl full of gravy!

Elsa: I assume that is a compliment?

Izzy: If you knew how much I loved gravy you wouldn’t even question me!

Elsa: This monochromatic outfit is so chic. It’s creamy and rich and very luxe.

Izzy: The fur trim is so luxurious and looks so sophisticated.

Elsa: Don’t you just love the bows? They’re from @susanlancidesigns.The use of two bows is such a fun and unique idea. The print bow brings out the rich colors of the fur and the bow on her back brings a nice and neutral contrasting look.

Izzy: The touch of bling at the knots lends a sophisticated look. She looks like a creamy mocha.

Elsa: Oh great, you’re hungry again! I really hate doing shows with you when you’re hungry.

Izzy: Then you must always hate doing shows with me because I am ALWAYS hungry.

Elsa: Ha, ha! Well, I’ll just have to remember to bring snacks.

Izzy: Now, that’s a plan!!

Elsa: As I was saying, a Thanksgiving outfit should be in a beautiful fall tone, just like this lovely example. Ready for rule number two?


Izzy: I’m guessing the rule number two is to accessorize?

Elsa: Not exactly, but maybe that should be our new rule. Rule number two is to be comfortable. Nothing can ruin a holiday like being uncomfortable. Wear clothes that are loose fitting and have room to move.

Izzy: So you can fill it in with food.

Elsa: I suppose. But another reason to wear loose clothes is for your own comfort. You don’t want to wear clothing that will ruin your fun or make you irritable.

Izzy: YES! No grumpy grumps at Thanksgiving at my house.

Elsa: I do love your idea of accessorizing too. As you can see in our example here, this handsome gentleman is wearing a simple, loose-fitting top, that is nice on its own. However, the addition of the @uniqlo hat and @burberry scarf elevates it to a whole new level of awesome!

Izzy: Want to see another great Thanksgiving day choice?


Elsa: This is adorable! And it is the perfect example of rule number three.

Izzy: Which is…

Elsa: If you’re not sure how everyone else is going to be dressed, go dress-casual.

Izzy: This dress is perfect. A dress is automatically thought of as being a little bit dressy, but it’s denim, so it’s also considered to be quite informal.

Elsa: This is also a great example of how to accessorize like a boss!

Izzy: A good accessory can really make an outfit pop!

Elsa: And this little Miss follows all the rules… she chose a neutral colored outfit. It’s also loose fitting and comfy and the style is a nice mix of sophisticated and casual.

Izzy: And don’t forget my rule!!

Elsa: Yes… and accessorized!

Izzy: Like a boss.

Elsa: Yes.

Izzy: You’re a rule follower too, aren’t you Elsa?

Elsa: I suppose I am. Rules help to assure a safe and civilized society.

Izzy: Here’s someone who breaks all the rules and just may not be safe nor civilized.


Elsa: Oh goodness! This is an example of what NOT to wear to Thanksgiving dinner.

Izzy: So many places to start.

Elsa: The Elmo hat is almost unbearable. The color… the style…

Izzy: NOT what I had in mind when I suggested accessorizing. I should have been clearer about that.

Elsa: Not a neutral color.

Izzy: You are correct, Captain Obvious!

Elsa: You sure are spicy!

Izzy: This doesn’t even look comfortable.

Elsa: Which violates rule number two! This certainly wouldn’t classify as sophisticated or even casual… not sure what it is.

Izzy: It’s a violation of all fashion rules that have existed ever.

Elsa: I do like the floral pattern. I think it would be nicer as curtains in an old farm house, but it is charming.

Izzy: You always do that.. You always look for the positive.

Elsa: I like being positive and really, that’s all I could find that was nice to say.

Izzy: And you call me mean.

Elsa: You are sometimes a wee bit insulting.

Izzy: At least I don’t eat my friends for dinner.

Elsa: Again… I don’t eat my friends. Sheesh

Izzy: Happy Thanksgiving, you friend-eater.

Elsa: Happy Thanksgiving, Izzy.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!


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