Pawshion Police: Textures and Fabrics Edition

Izzy: Welcome back to another edition of Pawshion Police. We are so thrilled about our show today.


Elsa: We have an interesting mix of colors, textures and patterns to explore.


Izzy: And we have a few surprises, too!

Elsa: Let’s get started with a fun little competition of Who Wore it Better? This race is presented by @orostani_couture, the designer of the canine couture.


Izzy: Oh, this is a close race! I do believe they are neck and leather clad neck.

Elsa: This is an amazing stage outfit. It’s body hugging, a bit scandalous, yet rich-looking.

Izzy: The leather in both outfits looks rich and supple. Both hug the ladies’ curves very nicely.

Elsa: The lace on both is really quite exquisite, too.

Izzy: Even though the outfits are so very similar, I do like how ZZ made her rendition her own. It was a replica of Beyonce’s Super Bowl outfit, but she made it work for her body by turning the deep plunging neckline to a beautiful open back.

Elsa: It’s interesting to me that the outfit, when worn by Bey, is sensual and alluring, but on ZZ it is sweet and in a way, delicate.

Izzy: Orostani Couture turns out truly amazing designer pieces and this one is no exception. It really mimics Beyonce’s outfit by Zana Bayne but is made to specifically enhance ZZ’s body. That is what true couture is about.

Elsa: Bey is my Bae so it pains me to vote against her, but ZZ is really bringing it home.

Izzy: Agreed. Bey is amazing, but Z is pretty hard to beat! Just like this next fellow ….


Elsa: Be still my heart! I love this look and he appears happy about it too!

Izzy: He does look happy!

Elsa: This is a lovely combination of grey. This Everyday Bandana from Chewsy is the perfect accessory to match the soft grey shirt.

Izzy: Chewsy is one of my FAVORITE brands, by the way! This is an example of how to mix stripes. If not done properly, mixing stripes can be a disaster.

Elsa: To be successful with mixing stripes, there are few rules you can follow. For one, mixing textures, just like Cooper has done, can be very successful. That bandana has a soft and thick texture which looks great against his T-shirt.

Izzy: Another thing that makes this combination work is the scale of the stripes. With one stripe being thick and the other being thin, you add visual interest and unity without clashing or becoming boring.

Elsa: Another unifying factor is the color. Both pieces are a lovely grey.

Izzy: Cooper is a fantastic example of clean, hipster fashion that doesn’t go over the top or costume.

Elsa: Agreed, Cooper looks amazing. Izzy, you’re going to love our next beautiful dress and model.


Izzy: Oh. My. Goodness. That dress!! LOVE!

Elsa: I told you….

Izzy: You should warn me when there is something this amazing coming up. I have the vapors.

Elsa: Let me tell you more about this dress. It comes from LoveDogHaus.

Izzy: They have some amazing designs. I love the couture fashions that we have seen today. Just like our first look from @orostani_couture this is a one-of-a-kind design.

Elsa: LoveDogHaus is from California and has recently relocated to Florida. They make some pretty incredible designs. It’s fun just looking through their Etsy shop.

Izzy: For starters, the skirt on this dress and the crinoline underneath are magnificent.

Elsa: Here’s a little fun fact for you, Izzy. Did you know that crinolines were originally made from stiff horsehair?

Izzy: So glad we’ve moved past that! This crinoline is layers and layers of beautiful black tulle. And its starched which helps give this outfit fabulous structure.

Elsa: Yet, it still looks delicate. We can not ignore the dress itself. The colors are so captivating and iconic Louis Vuitton.

Izzy: The olive green color is especially associated with Vuitton. I love the way the dots in the bodice are mimicked in the skirt. Again, they don’t duplicate the same pattern, but they certainly do work together.

Elsa: The iconic LV emblem on the back also elevates this look. The black on the waist ribbon with a touch of sparkle is so chic.

Izzy: Zoe made a wise choice in a hair accessory, too. The touch of bling in her hair nicely complements the one at her waist.

Elsa: And the sparkle in the bodice.

Izzy: We have said it repeatedly here on the Pawshion Police, but grooming is vital to a good look. If Zoe hadn’t been perfectly combed and cut, this look would not have been so successful.

Elsa: And the nicely pressed ribbon and starched crinoline are also part of what really makes this look stand out.

Izzy: Nicely done, Zoe! Ready for another look?

Elsa: My very first thought when I saw this is “strength.” Doesn’t he look strong?

Izzy: @arnoldstaffzenegger looks strong, but he doesn’t look aggressive. That’s an amazing combination. Plus, look at those eyes… wow!

Elsa: This entire outfit is from @darrenandphillip. The jumper is called “The Penny” and comes in green and blue or in this example, red and blue.

Izzy: I love the collar and leash that are also in blue and red. The combination of these three pieces look stunning.

Elsa: The stripes on the arm are also mimicked in the leash and collar which are unifying.

Izzy: If you are ever in DC, Arnold, call me.

Elsa: You’re shameless.

Izzy: Or I could fly to Olso, Norway… whichever…

Elsa: Well, if you do fly to Norway, you could cross the border to Finland to visit our next model, Hippo from @iggycreatures.


Izzy: Really?

Elsa: The colors are bright. The shape is unique.

Izzy: Really, Elsa?

Elsa: Okay, so the shape is rather strange. Greyhounds have such graceful long necks and this raincoat not only doesn’t enhance that, but it covers it up.

Izzy: Plus this coat adds so much bulk to poor Hippo’s frame. I don’t know of anyone who wants to add bulk to their look. The bottom is flat out ridiculous.

Elsa: I am sure that the hoop design is there for practical purposes.

Izzy: Fashion can be both practical and flattering. I’ve seen some nice pieces from this designer, In fact, in one example this hoop was used at the neck, which looked nice on the models long neck. This is not flattering.

Elsa: It does lean a little costume.

Izzy: Clown costume, choking device, im not sure?

Elsa: I do love the colors though. It’s bright and colorful, just like our next look.



Izzy: Now this is how you do color!

Elsa: These two little cuties are all dressed up to show their support for Pride Month.

Izzy: There is so much going right in these outfits. The ruffles are my favorite. They have been so meticulously constructed. So pretty.

Elsa: I love the rich colors. They look beautiful and not the least bit costume, unlike our previous look.

Izzy: Tansy and Corazon are beautiful and if you can believe this, their stunning outfits were made by their mom!! If I ever die and I’m reincarnated I want to come back as one of these two cuties. Not only because they are just adorable, but also, because they are so petite that they can wear anything!

Elsa: They are so fortunate to have such a talented mom. They look runway ready. And Pride Parade ready, just like our final look.


Izzy: Can you imagine the smiles this precious soul would create if she walked in a Pride Parade?

Elsa: I love how she has her wheelchair decorated for Pride! This tutu is from a shop in Bourg-en-Bresse, France, where Swan lives.

Izzy: I love the Pink Cork Bow from @traxties. They have such nice, quality items.

Elsa: They really do provide quality products. The pink flower is from @thefrenchdog I just love Swan! You really should take the time to follow her on Instagram. She is an example of determination and overcoming obstacles.

Izzy: I love how she is able to run and play with the aid of her wheelchair.

Elsa: Her dad switched out the wheels on her wheelchair with some larger pink ones he had taken off a scooter. This made it easier for her to maneuver.

Izzy: I think she is ready for the catwalk or a Pride Parade.

Elsa: I think Swan should feel pride for more than one reason. We love you, Swan!

Izzy: And I love this show. We saw such a diverse array of fashions and some pretty amazing models.

Elsa: Thank you all for joining us. We look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!


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