Pawshion Police: Tagged and Gagged Edition



Izzy: Greetings all you dog tags and flea bags!

Elsa: Offensive much?

Izzy: It was a rhyme. Just a rhyme. I feel as if you are trying to thwart my poetry.

Elsa: I’m not trying to interfere with your…. poetry? But maybe your “poetry” can focus on butterflies and blue skies and be less offensive next time.

Izzy: Don’t waste my time with all your ruley rules. Let the artist be free!!

Elsa: Artist. Okay. Be free.

Izzy: I am so excited about this week’s show that I am just going to ignore you and all your rules. Today’s subject is going to make us gag!!!

Elsa: Hopefully you’re talking about overeating or else we need to review the “let’s not be offensive” rule.

Izzy: You are SO not a kween.

Elsa: Thank you????

Izzy: To queens like you and me, honey, gagging means fabulous!

Elsa: Enough poetry and modern slang Izzy, what is this week’s subject that you are so excited about?

Izzy:  I like to call it, “Tagged and Gagged!”

Elsa: In English, please.

Izzy: Bringing the bling and be-linging fabulous.

Elsa: I get what you mean, but if that is your idea of English, we need to have another talk.

Izzy: Okay, teacher, are you ready to see some amazing accessories and some positively pumped-up bling?

Elsa: Which brings us to our first blingalicious guest.

Izzy: Did you just say, “blingalicious” Elsa?




Elsa: Perhaps you are rubbing off on me.

Izzy: This is a fantastic example of how accessories can raise an outfit into the stratosphere.

Elsa: I love the color contrast of the glasses. But my favorite accessory is that marvelous “B”

Izzy: B is for Bling!!

Elsa: I bet it actually stands for “Bart” since that is his name….

Izzy: I can think of a name for you that also starts with a B….

Elsa: Now, now, Izzy…

Izzy: How do you know I wasn’t going to say “beautiful?”

Elsa: Because I know YOU!  Anyway, this initial bling bling is available from

Izzy: One of my favorite stores!!

Elsa: I love how it is dangling in an asymmetrical way. So much more chic than if it were hanging there straight.

Izzy: There are a lot of things that are more chic when they’re not straight…..

Elsa: I like what you did there.

Izzy: Here’s another picture of a couple of crazy chic little B’s.




Elsa: I love this account. Those faces are precious and the fashions are divine.

Izzy: They’re from my favorite city.

Elsa: Las Vegas is your favorite city?

Izzy: No. New Yorkie.

Elsa: You do realize that they are from Las Vegas?

Izzy: Yes, but I don’t have a good Yorkie joke about Las Vegas.

Elsa: And you needed a joke because?

Izzy: To compensate for the pole up your beh….

Elsa: … so, the grey sweater is classic and beautiful but the bow on top is what makes it unique and extra special.

Izzy: Just like gifts!

Elsa: Yes, much like gifts. I love @the_swanky_bow! They have such fun accessories.

Izzy: For humans and canines!

Elsa: I love the white and black.

Izzy: Me too! And I love the contrast and the bling from @brklz!

Elsa: The initial choker is amazing!

Izzy: Those are two hot dogs!  Oh, hot dogs…. that sounds good.

Elsa: Moving along..





Izzy: Nice!

Elsa: Here’s another outfit I adore.

Izzy: That’s one sophisticated little bitch.

Elsa: Oui, Gia is so French chic!!

Izzy: She is one beautiful vamp!

Elsa: The stripped shirt is so Parisian and I love how she paired with various shades of pink… to match the varying grey and black pattern of her shirt. So well done.

Izzy: The collar is both sophisticated and a little edgy. Like me!!

Elsa: Edgy? Is that what you’re calling it these days?

Izzy: Do you have a better term?

Elsa: Offensive. Unfiltered. Unconscionable.

Izzy: My conscience is in perfect shape. I have never used it so it’s like brand new.

Elsa: Maybe we agree on something then.

Izzy: I do love that collar. It’s pink and feminine, but yet thick.

Elsa: Also like you?

Izzy: HEY!!!!!!!

Elsa: You walked right into that one, Izzy. The light pink leather collar with rose gold hardware courtesy is from @barclondon. This accessory is an integral part of this outfit.

Izzy: My fist will be an integral part of your face if you’re not careful.



Izzy: Oh yass!

Elsa: More fab accessories right there.

Izzy: That bauble at the neck is so pretty. And though she isn’t wearing any other purple in her outfit, it works. She’s wearing nice neutral shades which means you can bling bang it up with an accessory of your choice.

Elsa: Yes, this dog tag in purple looks really great against the demure tones of the top and the neutral denim.

Izzy: Let’s not ignore the flower crown.

Elsa: You know, flowers just make every outfit more special.

Izzy: Not every outfit. Would you wear a floral wreath with your pajamas?

Elsa: Would and have.

Izzy: How about a businessman who is going into a corporate meeting…

Elsa: A flower crown might be a nice accessory and would surely be a conversation piece.

Izzy: How about a knight in a suit of armor…

Elsa: Okay, so that’s just silly.  My point is that floral crowns can elevate just about any outfit …. transform it from everyday to holiday.

Izzy: This is the reason for accessories. You can turn a simple black dress into a business outfit or something worthy of a cocktail party. You just have to know how to rule the accessories game.

Elsa: Which clearly our guests have figured out.

Izzy: I think it’s time for some accessory shopping…

Elsa: Yes!! I saw a few must have pieces in today’s show. My credit card is just burning a hole in my pocket.

Elsa: Let’s end the show so we can start shopping.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas!



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