Pawshion Police: Superheroes and Villains Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you superheroes and villains!

Elsa: Hopefully there aren’t too many villains watching our show. This is a family show after all.

Izzy: Since when?

Elsa: Since you stopped day drinking.

Izzy: Bitch! Damn! There. Now it’s not a family show anymore.

Elsa: A noble goal??

Izzy: Not cursing makes me nervous.

Elsa: You don’t like being a good girl?

Izzy: Define good??

Elsa: Opposite of how you’re acting.

Izzy: Then no, I don’t like it. Maybe I’m a villain?

Elsa: As you recall, I was Wonder Woman for Halloween, so I’ll just have to put you in your place.

Izzy: Good luck with that…

Elsa: In the meantime, let’s look at something that I know you’ll love…




Izzy: Oh…I likey!!

Elsa: I figured you would.

Izzy: Speaking of superheroes…Hello! Clark Kent!

Elsa: It’s the glasses and tie combo.

Izzy: And the broad shoulders!

Elsa: I love those glasses. They are so classic…and so regal and intelligent looking. He looks immaculate.

Izzy: This is all about the textures!

Elsa: Yes! The visual texture in the tortoiseshell frames, in the beautiful jacket…there is even texture and pattern in the fabric of the tie and vest!

Izzy: And let’s not ignore that straight fire pin. He’s twinning with himself.

Elsa: I know! Isn’t that perfect? It’s from @shopofbl

Izzy: But that begs the question…since I’m the star around here…how’d he get a pin in HIS likeness?

Elsa: Yes. Unbelievable…that someone might have something that you don’t. Criminal.

Izzy: Yes, isn’t it?

Elsa: Well, maybe you can find something to be envious of in our next look too…



Izzy: I am a little jealous of her hair. Or her ears. Or maybe both.

Elsa: I couldn’t get my hair to do that for all the tea in China.

Izzy: We have tea here in the US too.

Elsa: I didn’t say we didn’t. You need to listen.

Izzy: If I had ears like that I would hear you.

Elsa: I doubt that would help. There is a difference between hearing and listening.

Izzy: Did you say something? Anyway, she looks so regal…like the Egyptian God Anubis.

Elsa: Yes! Elegant and royal.

Izzy: Like she should be sitting in an ancient Egyptian tomb.

Elsa: I believe her long neck, with the layers of accessories, also gives her a regal look.

Izzy: There’s a lot going on here, but it works. The repeating patterns and shapes…the contrasting, yet complimentary colors also work.

Elsa: Werk it gurl!

Izzy: You’re using slang?

Elsa: I’m hip.

Izzy: You’re hip? You have hips, which seem to be getting bigger by the day.

Elsa: You’re so mean!!!

Izzy: You are so sensitive.

Elsa: You’re so not!

Izzy: There you are again…saying you’re better than I am.

Elsa: Not better. Well, yes…better…

Izzy: HEY!

Elsa: hee hee I can tease too…So, moving along now…



Izzy: I wonder if he is a tease. He sure looks good enough to tease some hearts.

Elsa: Our looks today prove that using a lot of accessories doesn’t

have to look cluttered. This look, though there is a lot of patterns and layered accessories, doesn’t look the least bit overdone. In fact, it looks perfect.

Izzy: The neutral colors give it that unified look.

Elsa: The polka dots are popular today!

Izzy: I love the touch of fur.

Elsa: I love the hat that accommodates his ears!

Izzy: Toronto can get bitter cold so it’s best to keep your head

covered. The hat and the scarf are both from @canadapooch.

Elsa: And we love that top from @rororiri_official!

Izzy: Onto our final look for today…



Elsa: That poor dog looks like a hobo. With those patches and the ragged denim…

Izzy: What do you mean?? Distressed denim is all the rage.

Elsa: Distressed denim…not distressed dog.

Izzy: This poor pup does look a bit distressed.

Elsa: Wouldn’t you feel a bit stressed out if you had to wear this? The color of the pants… or shorts or…

Izzy: Look like ear wax?

Elsa: You’re so crude sometimes.

Izzy: Well, doesn’t it?

Elsa: I suppose so…

Izzy: And check this out…the matching patch on the top!!

Elsa: Snazzy!

Izzy: Every closet needs ear wax pants with a matching top!

Elsa: Does your closet have ummm…ear…wax pants?

Izzy: Of course.

Elsa: Then I think you should wear them to the show next week.

Izzy: Only if you are willing to twin with me.

Elsa: I highly doubt I could even find pants to match.

Izzy: Oh, let’s try…

Elsa: Then I guess we better start looking.

Izzy & Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas!


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