Pawshion Police: Sunday Best Edition


Izzy: Hello all you Adams and Eves!

Elsa: I always wonder what you’re going to come-up with for the opening.

Izzy: I’m pretty clever, if I do say so myself. I was wondering about this one though. I was hoping everyone would know that we are going to be talking about donning our “Sunday Best” and not assume that we were talking about being naked.

Elsa: And why would anyone assume we were going to discuss being naked on a fashion show?

Izzy: Birthday suits?

Elsa: Well, this church-related show really started off on the wrong foot, now didn’t it?

Izzy: God made our birthday suits. He’s the first fashion designer!

Elsa: In an unrelated question, when lightening strikes, how wide is the hit? Do you think I’m safe over here?

Izzy: Oh, pleeeease.

Elsa: Let’s move onto our very first look. Mui-Mui is looking mighty fine in her Sunday best.


Izzy: That’s no Snapchat flower crown! That’s the real thing, baby!

Elsa: She looks like a little flower fairy!

Izzy: A sophisticated flower bitch!

Elsa: I love the color palette. The soft browns, pale pinks, mint greens and the lovely dark pink. It’s modern, but classic.

Izzy: This is a special outfit.

Elsa: Special things happen on Sunday! Church, brunches, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and many other special events!

Izzy: Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. The rest of the laundry… the rest of the housework… and the rest of the stuff I didn’t get done on Saturday.

Elsa: Oh, you liar! You have never done your own laundry nor your housework!

Izzy: Okay… so it’s someone’s time to do the REST of my laundry and the REST of my housework.

Elsa: And what are you doing while someone else is doing your laundry and housework?

Izzy: My Sunday plans usually include doing nothing and then more nothing, while drinking mimosas.

Elsa: Recovering from Saturday?

Izzy: That’s why I do nothing!!

Elsa: I usually go to church and then brunch with family or friends. It’s a wonderful and restful day.

Izzy: Well, isn’t that just so special.

Elsa: Plus, I love to dress in my most sophisticated daytime looks.

Izzy: Which brings us back to dear MuiMui.

Elsa: The oversized flower is perfect and looks so lovely with her outfit.

Izzy: Another perfect Sunday ensemble is seen here:


Elsa: Oh, girl he is hawt!

Izzy: Isn’t he to die for? He is rocking that suit like Tom Hiddleston!

Elsa: If you watch our show regularly, you know that I LOVE a well-groomed look. This is a prime example. Sammy is clean and crisp and well brushed. His hair is beautiful and neatly trimmed to perfection.

Izzy: And the outfit is spot on too. I love the red and black buffalo check tie with the grey glen plaid suit. It’s just perfect together!

Elsa: The white shirt is a great contrast to the suit and pulls this ensemble together nicely. I like the grey and red combo but the best part for me is the wide lapel jacket left open to create a more hip and casual vibe. That’s super chic! I just can’t get over his amazing blonde hair though.

Izzy: This would be the perfect Sunday brunch outfit.

Elsa: Sunday brunch…. ahhhhhh

Izzy: I love everything about brunch. Well, with one exception. I’m getting really annoyed about how eating makes me fat.

Elsa: I can taste it already. Omelettes. Scrambled eggs. Poached eggs on toast.

Izzy: You like your eggs, don’t you.

Elsa: Don’t you like eggs?

Izzy: I do like eggs. Mostly in cake, but yass, I like eggs.

Elsa: Speaking of…. this look… TAKES the CAKE. Like what I did there?


Izzy: You don’t have the right to make jokes. I’ll ignore it and comment on this AMAZBALL photo. This is a CHURCH outfit! Can I get an amen!?

Elsa: This certainly is a good-ole Southern church goin’ hat!

Izzy: The whole outfit is on SUNDAY FLEEK!!

Elsa: Or the Kentucky Derby!

Izzy: Oh, YASS! Derby Fleek!

Elsa: I just love LeeLoo. She’s such an inspiration. She’s deaf but is living a full and fashionable life.

Izzy: Yeah, LeeLoo!



Izzy: Unless you’re Nicki Minaj, do not try a pink wig!

Elsa: I think this really is a joke. Right?

Izzy: Prolly! Or Kelly Osborn.

Elsa: Or Melanie Martinez.

Izzy: Okay, you can TRY a pink wig, but have some sense!! Don’t wear a cheap Lalaloopsy Halloween costume wig.

Elsa: I love pink. But I don’t love this pink dollar store wig.

Izzy: Oh Snap! C’mon Lola, you don’t want to look like Strawberry Shortcake.

Elsa: Or My Little Pony.

Izzy: I don’t know about that… I really DO want to look like Pinkie Pie.

Elsa: Ya, me too a little. But this look only works on Halloween.

Izzy: But what is the costume? Laura Ingalls meets the Doodlebops?

Elsa: I have no clue what a Doodlebop is, but I know I am not loving the dress either.

Izzy: It’s pink. I thought that’s all you cared about.

Elsa: I do have standards… even with my precious pink.

Izzy: I’m not sure, but I think this might be her nightgown.

Elsa: Her poor husband.

Izzy: Where do you think she is going this Sunday?

Elsa: For a make-over, I hope.

Izzy: Rawr! And you think I’m offensive.

Elsa: Poor, lovely, beautiful, misguided Lola.

Izzy: I hope she doesn’t go to brunch in that outfit.

Elsa: I hope she doesn’t leave the house in that outfit.

Izzy: Maybe she’s just hiding from Monday?

Elsa: A disguise. That must be it.

Izzy: I’ve always thought there should be an extra day between Saturday and Sunday. I think I’ll write my local government about that one.

Elsa: You do that. And be sure to pepper your letter with your charming jokes. That ought to work.

Izzy: Thank you for thinking I’m charming. I guess we better go start our weekend and get ready to display our Sunday Best.

Elsa and Izzy: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!


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