Pawshion Police: Street Style Edition

Welcome back! So glad you joined us for this Pawsome edition of the Pawshion Police.

Izzy: I’m Izzy!

Elsa: And I’m Elsa! Welcome!

Izzy: Did you enjoy the final weekend of Coachella? I know I did. But I’m partied out. Between the flower leaves in my hair and sparkle everywhere else. I am long overdue for a spa day. I look like I’ve been fooling around with the tooth fairy.

Elsa: I enjoy everything about Coachella and am sad to see it end. I haven’t seen that much trust fund money in one place since Paris Hilton’s five-day-long birthday celebration. Oh, the life of the rich and fashionable.

Izzy: And gorgeous and slightly privileged.

Elsa: Why work when you can shop?

Izzy: which brings me to my next question….Have you heard from your friend, @gerald_the_frenchie lately?

Elsa: Not recently. He’s such a great guy.

Izzy: Ummmm hmmmmm  Great guy.

Elsa: Yes, great guy. Do you not agree?

Izzy: I don’t know him. But might I present exhibit A!!!

Elsa: <gasp> Oh, my goodness!!!  Gerald!!!

Izzy: Ummmm hmmmmm

Elsa: There must be some explanation!

Izzy: The explanation is that he is about to go and rob a bank!

Elsa: That doesn’t sound like him at all.

Izzy: Well, it sure looks like him! But I must say, his street style is pretty right on!! Which brings us to our first fashionista of the week.

Elsa: What a handsome man!!! I think I just might be in love!

Izzy: Sprout is swoon worthy, for sure. I love him in this denim vest from @hellopethaus ! The frayed and distressed fabric around the arm opening makes this very street worthy!

Elsa: I love the pop of color from the turtleneck sweater from @barkingzoo. This collar is very flattering and elongates his neck nicely. I love how he translates street wear into something that is chic enough to be sold at some of the world’s finest and trendiest boutiques.

Izzy: You know what else makes this outfit work? I think the fact that Brussels is so impeccably groomed really makes this look work. Street wear doesn’t mean sloppy or grungy. The pin is a nice touch too.  I love an understated accessory.

Elsa: Me too! Here is an example of over-accessorizing.

Izzy: This is definitely not understated. There is so much color, pattern and texture going on in this outfit.

Elsa: I’m getting lumberjack from the buffalo plaid shirt and denim. But I’m getting peacock from the…. bum accessory, or actually I believe he has died his tail!

Izzy: Lumberjack in the front. Muppet in the back.

Elsa: Hipster was the goal, but I think our friend @pj_the_havanese missed the mark here.

Izzy: I think he lost a couple of shoes too.

Elsa: Maybe when he tangled with the Muppet?

Izzy: I do like the glasses. I love a good aviator! And the tinted lens does look nice against his complexion. I also like his overalls from @ruffstitched. And I don’t really mind the plaid, I just don’t think the whole outfit goes together and it certainly isn’t streetwear or hipster.

Elsa: I think it would have also been more successful if PJ had been freshly washed and brushed. He is normally impeccably groomed and has the most amazing haircut, but it is lost with the fountain pigtail. I would have liked to have seen FOUR black combat boots and you know I love a good unicorn vibe but this purple dye job is not working with this outfit. But props to PJ for using the Pantone color of the year, Ultraviolet!

Izzy: We love you, PJ, but please don’t mistake your lumberjack look with your Hipster vibe.

Elsa: Moving along…. Brace yourself, Izzy, for the magnificent @gigi_snuggles!

Izzy: Now that is chic streetwear! Gigi is an amazing model from New York City and the influence of the city is evident in this ensemble.

Elsa: This look is such a marvelous blend of edgy New York fashion with a French influence. Tres magnifique!

Izzy: Gigi is always rocking a nifty collar like this one from @rockstarpetcollars! It has the perfect amount of bling while remaining true to the street wear look. This outfit is giving me life!

Elsa: The Breton stripes shirt is so French, but it also nods at urban wear. It is a timeless print that looks so chic, especially when artfully paired with a complimentary pattern.

Izzy: Mixing patterns can be a disaster, but Gigi is masterful! This plaid scarf from @delair.designs is just beautiful. Of course, wearing the scarf slightly askew adds so much visual interest.

Elsa: Nicely done, Gigi. I can’t wait to…  hold it just a minute, I don’t mean to be rude, but I have a very urgent text message coming in from Gerald!

Izzy: He needs to be bailed out, no doubt.

Elsa: Oh, Okay… That’s funny. Thank you for clearing that up for me, Gerald. I am so relieved!

Izzy: So? Let me guess, he wants you to hide a nail file in his kibble cake?

Elsa: Actually, no. Gerald heard the start of our program and wanted to let me and all our viewers know that he is indeed NOT a bank robber. That image you found was from a recent photo shoot where he was promoting his dad’s cool street worthy fashions, Fake news much, Izzy?

Izzy: Ohhhhh….. so soorrry, Gerald. I do think you’d make a very handsome bank robber!

Elsa: Oh, Izzy. I think that wraps up our show for this week, right?

Izzy: Yes! I do believe we are done viewing the best and worst in hipster streetwear! Thanks for joining us.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!

For more Pawshion Police, click here. And, be sure to tune in every Friday for your weekly dose of fashion and sass!

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