Pawshion Police: Sequins and Bowties Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you Sequins and Bow Ties!

Elsa: Sounds like a fancy show today!!

Izzy: Of course! I’m one sophisticated hussy!

Elsa: That’s one way to say it. Are you sure that you want to refer to yourself as a “hussy” all the time?

Izzy: I don’t say it all the time. I usually call myself a bitch. Or if I’m feeling particularly beautiful, “skinny bitch.”

Elsa: So much for having a sophisticated show.

Izzy: We can drink champagne and eat a little caviar and still save it!

Elsa: The fashions alone are enough to save this show from our vulgarity.

Izzy: Yas!! I do believe this show is going to make us all want to raise our pinkies and perfect our phony party laugh.

Elsa: I’m suddenly very excited about the show!



Izzy: Yayaya! I love when we start the show off with a handsome man.

Elsa: Married life really hasn’t changed you, has it?

Izzy: Not even death will change my attraction to handsome men.

Elsa: Well, if you’re going to stray I can understand how this might be a temptation.

Izzy: I won’t stray. But my eyes might.

Elsa: The @traxties is fab-u-lous!

Izzy: Again with a pin in his likeness. Why isn’t there an Izzy the Frenchie pin???

Elsa: Back to the tie. I love the color combination and I love the pattern. Casual enough not to be stuffy, but sophisticated enough to be chic.

Izzy: The jacket from @rororiri_official is pretty hawt too. He looks amazing. I wouldn’t normally pair that brown color of the tie with the grey in the jacket, but it works here.

Elsa: Individuality is important in fashion. And the reason that the combination works is because of the similar tones of the colors.

Izzy: Ready for a wow factor??



Elsa: Bling!

Izzy: Ba da bing, that is a lot of bling!

Elsa: I am in awe of this @anthonyrubio01 number.

Izzy: And I’m a little in love with my darling friend @liviethemork

Elsa: The sequins shape and the way they are expertly layered give it a bit of a mermaid feel.

Izzy: And the bottom is like New Year’s Eve!!

Elsa: She really does look like she’s ready for a party.

Izzy: This could get tacky pretty quickly if it weren’t for the expert hand of sir Anthony Rubio.

Elsa: Yes, do not try this at home.

Izzy: I really want to go dancing with her now!!



Izzy: Oh, and he can come too!

Elsa: He’s ready for a party too!!!

Izzy:  This look is the best of both of our two previous looks. The bow tie from the first and the sequins from the second.

Elsa: Just enough sequins to make this sophisticated without it going disco ball.

Izzy: I love the top! It’s so chic and understated.

Elsa: You like understated?

Izzy: Sometimes. This time. What’s there not to love? A man in a bow tie who looks ready to party!

Elsa: The rolled-up sleeve does add a bit of a casual vibe too. So amazing!

Izzy: If you really want to be amazed, hold onto your multi-colored wig!

Elsa: I don’t have one, but okay.



Elsa: If I had a multi-colored wig, this would have blown it off.

Izzy: Maybe you can borrow one from @emperess_ming

Elsa: I don’t think this is a wig and I know I wouldn’t want to borrow it.

Izzy: This may not be a wig but chances are high that she owns a few rainbow wigs.

Elsa: I would say that is a safe bet.

Izzy: She looks scared of her own tail!!

Elsa: Wouldn’t you be??

Izzy: I wonder who did this to her and how drunk she was?

Elsa: I thought you were all for personal expression in fashion and hair?

Izzy: Only if your personal expression isn’t “YIKES!”

Elsa: A tastefully done streak of temporary hair color might be appropriate for a fun and whimsical outfit.

Izzy: Not sure this is a streak. Or tasteful.

Elsa: I can assure its neither.

Izzy: Do you realize that we haven’t even discussed the outfit.

Elsa: She’s wearing clothes?

Izzy: Ha ha! Well, the skirt or skirts aren’t much better.

Elsa: When you have that much color on your…

Izzy: Ass.

Elsa: Yes. Then you really don’t want to introduce unique fabrics or patterns or new colors.

Izzy: No. You really just want to add pants and socks to cover it up.

Elsa: And she is wearing hair do-dads on top of it all.

Izzy: She could possibly get a gig as a mermaid dog.

Elsa: Or put a horn on her head and she could pose as a dog unicorn at birthday parties.

Izzy: Yes, they are putting unicorn horns on everyone these days…why not on her?

Elsa: At least her outfit won’t be a total waste of time. It could be a money maker.

Izzy: And speaking of money maker…let’s go out and shake ours!!!

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas!!

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Izzy the Frenchie has become a well-known voice in canine fashion. She gained instant fame when her "bath" video was aired on NBC's Today Show, NBC News with Lester Holt, CBS, ABC, Right this Minute | The Viral Videos Show and the Channel 9 News in Australia. She divides her time between Washington, DC, New York City and the Hamptons.

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