Pawshion Police: Patterns and Prints Edition

Izzy: Hello everyone! Welcome to another fun and fabulous episode of your favorite fashion show, the Pawshion Police.

Elsa: Welcome everyone! So glad you’re here to join us on this fashionable adventure. I’m Elsa!



Izzy: And I’m Izzy! I can’t wait to dive into some of the amazing looks we have this week.



Elsa: Our first comes from fashion icon @littleenzo_the_frenchie from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Izzy: How sharp is Enzo? Wow! I love this look.

Elsa: My favorite element is this beautiful Wanderlust Faux Fur Scarf by @lele.collection and @studioeloise. The scarf is made from designer fabric from Oscar de la Renta. Its coming soon to @pawboutik and I can’t wait to get one myself. What a statement piece!

Izzy: The scarf is so luxe and plush, it would be so comfy to wear. And of course, the colors are beautiful and so fashionable, which is far more important than comfort!

Elsa: Good fashion can be both beautiful and comfortable. I also love the subtle polka-dot on the top. Polka-dots with an animal print can be tricky, but this is spot-on.

Izzy: Intended pun?

Elsa: Or should I say, Dot-on?

Izzy: As we’ve said before here on the Pawshion Police mixing patterns can be tricky, but can be so elegant and modern when done correctly.

Elsa: I like to choose a dominate print and mix it with a accent print. In this instance, the scarf is the dominate print and the polka-dots act as the accent.

Izzy: Its also smart to mix different pattern scales. The pattern in the scarf is a lot larger than the subtle dots which is part of what really makes this work!

Elsa: Another thing that really makes this work is that Enzo paired the scarf with a neutral color. White is a fabulous neutralizer.

Izzy: I love the choice of glasses frames too. The color really brings out the brown hues in that scarf. THAT scarf!

Elsa: From the tropics of Puerto Rico to the bustling city of New York, our next look is by the lovely @sparklesthediva.


Izzy: What’s the first thing you noticed about this image?

Elsa: For me… it’s the grooming! I love the dress and accessories, but if she weren’t so immaculately groomed, the whole look would not work.

Izzy: Grooming is so important and is probably the least expensive way to look great.

Elsa: A simple wash and brush can do wonders! Of course, Sparkles has a proper cut and is a beautiful natural color too.

Izzy: Not a hair out of place!

Elsa: Of course, this beautiful stunning red velvet gown from @mister_migs helps a lot too! Isn’t it amazing?

Izzy: I love the length of the gown. She’s red carpet ready!

Elsa: But what is also great is that it can be bustled to a more practical length.

Izzy: The rhinestones create a modified polka-dot pattern that is so lovely. And of course, the bling around the neck breaks-up the pattern to create a truly elegant look.

Elsa: The bow was a sweet and simple choice of accessory too. I like that the rhinestones are only on the knot of the bow. If the bow repeated the pattern of the dress, the whole look might become visually cluttered.

Izzy: Here’s another example to illustrate some of the points we’ve been talking about today. I present @gigi_thepug_ from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.



Elsa: This is a great example to illustrate a lot of what we have been talking about today. For instance, we were just talking about how sparkle and bling can create a pattern. Here, Gigi’s sequined top has a polka-dot pattern which is so lovely.

Izzy: I love bling, sequins and sparkle, but it has to be done in a tasteful manner. And one way to make sure that you are chic and not gaudy is to use bling sparingly, just as Gigi has done.

Elsa: The denim is the star of the show. Don’t you love how she is mixing sequins with distressed denim?

Izzy: Yes, and this is a great denim vest from Pet Haus. I love the distressed arm holes. It is also a really nice shade of blue. Very classic.

Elsa: The leash here is used as an accessory. Here’s another example of how to use animal prints expertly.

Izzy: Just a dash of print!

Elsa: Our next example has to think about matching prints everyday. Meet @jackson_the_dalmation.



Izzy: I see what you mean about having to match prints! Jackson has to think about that everyday. How fortunate he is to have such an interesting coat. I love his black and white complexion. He is always in style.

Elsa: And this look is spot on!

Izzy: We’re back to the puns, are we?

Elsa: When they’re that obvious…

Izzy: Jackson is sporting this marvelous Indigo & Navy Buffalo Plaid Bow Tie Dog Collar from @crewlala. The tie is the unifying factor that marries the black from his complexion with the blue of his sweater. Smart choice!

Elsa: The sweater is from @theworthydog and looks so beautiful on Jackson. The fit is perfect and the color pops against this black and white canvas.

Izzy: This is a great outfit to go to dinner or any dress casual event.

Elsa: Speaking of dinner, what did the Dalmatian say after dinner?

Izzy: Umm… I don’t know.

Elsa: That hit the spot!

Izzy: What’s with you today?

Elsa: You’re going to love our next look. It’s so much fun.


Izzy: I do love it!!! What a fun photo to celebrate Pride Month.

Elsa: I love Digby’s bold use of color and desire to display his pride.

Izzy: His fashion is pretty on-point too. I love that he decided to go with a relatively neutral canvas with this shirt and vest combination.

Elsa: Yes, and then he made it so much fun with this colorful bow tie and his head piece.
Izzy: And who doesn’t love unicorns??

Elsa: Exactly! While I don’t think this costume would be appropriate for a business luncheon, it is the perfect image to help us recognize Pride Month. Nice job… Digby!


Izzy: This was a fun show, I’ll admit, but let’s not have another week of spot jokes and puns, okay?

Elsa: Okay, next week we’ll just stick to a lot of fabulous fashions. Unless of course, we SPOT a fashion faux-pas.

Izzy: I’m done. Thank you everyone for joining us this week. Be sure to join us next week on Pawshion Police.

Elsa and Izzy: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!


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