Pawshion Police: Paris Fashion Week Edition


Izzy: Hello all you Chanels and Diors!

Elsa: It’s Paris Fashion Week!

Izzy: I know this is your favorite week of the entire year.

Elsa: My seasonal wardrobe DEPENDS on what happens at Paris Fashion
Week. All the big name fashion houses – Chanel, Christian Dior,
Givenchy – show the best of their collections at amazing and iconic
Parisian locations. French fashion, french food, french men…

Izzy: French toast, French fries, French kisses…

Elsa: What’s there not to like??

Izzy: Exactly! We are French Bulldogs during Paris Fashion Week. We
were Napoleon Born-to-party!

Elsa: And I know our first stop on the party train.

Izzy: WOO WOO!!


Izzy: I love a girl who isn’t afraid to throw herself a birthday party.

Elsa: I love a girl who isn’t afraid to wear a dress like this!
Totally and delightfully impractical for walking!

Izzy: Who needs to walk!?? In that dress, she should be carried on the
shoulders of some buff and bronzed Frenchmen.

Elsa: This dress reminds me of a beautiful cake, with layer after
layer of beautiful and tasty strawberry cake and delicate pink icing.

Izzy: Never mind that her dress looks like a cake, check-out her
@ladygaga inspired birthday CAKE… And the real question is, why
wasn’t I invited to this party???? It’s pink, there’s a meat cake,
there are fashionable people. I should have been there.

Elsa: Maybe your invitation got lost in the mail.

Izzy: Maybe she’s being a bitch and doesn’t want to be shown-up?
Pardon my French.

Elsa: Yes, that’s probably the ONLY reason you weren’t invited.

Izzy: Glad you agree with me. You know, the world would really run a
lot smoother if everyone just agreed with me.

Elsa: We can probably agree on Miss Molly’s stunning dress by @furdrobe. I adore this luscious fabric. It’s beautifully supple but is also stiff enough to hold its lovely shape!

Izzy: You’re talking dirty talk.

Elsa: What?

Izzy: Luscious, supple…

Elsa: You’re just dirty minded. I love the tiered layers in the
skirting. I love the precisely spaced rhinestones. I love her
beautiful lustrous coat. And the way she has her head tilted to the
side is so beautiful. It makes her hair flow down her back. Just so

Izzy: I think you’ve been reading too many novels. Are you in-love
with Molly? I’m pretty sure you have a girl crush.

Elsa: I think I have a girl crush too. But I know I’m in love with
this look! That is for sure!


Elsa: You fancy little Francophile! I might be a little bit in-love
with Stinger. Maybe

Izzy: Are you in-love??? I guess I will keep my paws off of this fine
gent. It’s not really fair that you are claiming him for your own. I
mean you already have dibs on Molly.

Elsa: He is handsome isn’t he? And what a dresser! I love this beret.
Black berets are classic FRENCH and can really elevate any outfit from
blah to si élégant.

Izzy: He looks like an important French movie director… He could
direct me any time…

Elsa: What happened to keeping your paws off of him?

Izzy: Anyway, that neckerchief is simple, but still adds a pattern.

Elsa: He looks artistic, creative and elegant which is exactly what
Paris Fashion Week is all about!

Izzy: My very favorite thing is, believe it or not, the crisp white
t-shirt. It looks so clean and new.

Elsa: I can see we might have a fight on our hands here. We’ll have to
see which one of us he calls for a date. In an unrelated story, did I
tell you that I have a new phone my number is 682 …

Izzy: I call HACKS! You sneaky little….

Elsa: Interrupt much?? Anyway, check out our amazing little friend….


Izzy: Oh dude! Livie stole Bruce Springsteen’s hair!!!

Elsa: As much as I love the Boss, I don’t exactly think he is
synonymous with Paris Fashion Week.

Izzy: All shade, no tea!! I love the Boss. Livie took Bruce’s hair
and paired it with Madonna’s dress and KAPOW! High fashion!

Elsa: Well, you have your opinion. I ADORE the bodice on this dress.

Izzy: On Madonna’s dress. Yes! I do too. It’s intricate and interesting and has a little sparkle. It has a little shine. It’s very Paris Fashion Week. Very chic.

Elsa: I love the combination of ribbon, sequins and bead work. I see
chains and lots of details. The layering of trims and finishes have
created a textile. What an interesting design idea. Which, had it been
poorly executed, could have been a fashion disaster. Thankfully,
lovely Livie has some amazing designers in her corner. Nice job @orostanicouture!

Izzy: The appliques on the skirt are totes fab and rather unexpected.

Elsa: I wouldn’t have thought to use those types or color appliqués, but this really does work.

Izzy: And her hair is BOSS!


Izzy: This bitch really knows how to party! THIS! This is how to unwind after Paris Fashion Week.

Elsa: Leopard skin, gold trim and gold toned sunglasses. Super fashionable!

Izzy: I love a woman who matches her necklace to her cocktail. I’m
gonna have to do that this weekend.

Elsa: I’ve been with you on the weekend. You’re going to need a necklace in every color.

Izzy: I could raise a glass to that!!

Elsa: You know, you are rather… unconventional sober… I would
really hate to see you drunk… again.

Izzy: Hey! I happen to like the hilarious hijinks I get myself into!!!

Elsa: Just don’t drunk text me again. I plan on sipping fine French wine while I look over all the amazing fashions we’ve seen through the Fashion Weeks.

Izzy: I’m sad to see the Fashion Weeks coming to a close. Time to get drunk!

Elsa: I loved the young rebel looks of New York and the experimental styles of London. And I adored seeing the glamourous and provocative styles of Milan! But my very favorite week is Paris Fashion Week. I am sad to see the most creative and elegant Fashion Week of them all come to an end. I can not even wait until the Spring shows.

Izzy: And I can’t wait to finish this show so I can drink!

Elsa: You’re impossible!

Izzy: And adorable!

Izzy and Elsa: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!


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