Pawshion Police: New Year’s Eve Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you auld acquaintances and those I’ve forgotten

Elsa: Well, I’m certain I’m not on your “Forgotten” list.

Izzy: And you are??? Help me again with your name???

Elsa: Your conscience. Since you don’t seem to have one on your own, I have appointed myself to do the job for you in the new year.

Izzy: Oh, goodie.

Elsa: Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions this year?

Izzy: To drink more alcohol, to eat more cake and watch more @netflix. I’ve already started on that and I’d say I’m doing pretty awesome. So far so good.

Elsa: I wouldn’t call those resolutions so much as things you want to do, but I’m glad you have goals.

Izzy: And all is well as long as I score.

Elsa: Oh Izzy….

Izzy: You’re the one bringing in the sports metaphors.

Elsa: Here’s another sports reference for you… Where are you going to be when the mirrored ball drops?

Izzy: Hopefully not underneath it!

Elsa: Well, I am having a very tasteful dinner party for a few select guests. I plan on ringing in the new year with a little champagne and hopefully a kiss.

Izzy: Give me enough champagne and I’ll kiss you at midnight.

Elsa: This delicate princess is bringing her own brand of champagne to the party.


Izzy: That’s a beautiful shade of champagne right there. What a gorgeous outfit.

Elsa: And what a gorgeous girl! The rich, lux fabrics in this beautiful color are so perfect for a special party, like an elegant New Year’s Eve affair.

Izzy: Did you say affair? Is there something you need to tell me?

Elsa: Gutter. Always in the gutter.

Izzy: We’ll talk later. Back to the look. I love this beautiful bow too.

Elsa: It’s from @guccellausa and looks so lovely with the outfit. The necklace is stunning too. There really isn’t anything to dislike in this photo.


Izzy: If you’re looking for something to hate on… this is not it either.

Elsa: I wasn’t exactly LOOKING for something to hate. But you’re right. This outfit is Chanel Chic!

Izzy: Lola and I are mates, you know, but even if we weren’t, I’d be loving this outfit. I mean, who doesn’t like feathers on the can!

Elsa: You have the talent of taking the most elegant of situations, the most chic of outfits and instantly dragging it into the trash.

Izzy: I am quite talented, thank you.

Elsa: Lola has been on our show a number of times…

Izzy: And not because she is my friend….

Elsa: No, because she is becoming a canine fashion icon!

Izzy: The cut and color of this jacket is outstanding. The satin bow and Chanel bling elevates the look and is perfect for an elegant New Year’s celebration. And of course…

Elsa: The feathers on the can?

Izzy: I see that I am being a good influence on you.

Elsa: I’m not sure I’d say “good.”

Izzy: I didn’t make the naughty list for nothing!

Elsa: And Lola always makes the “nice list,” that’s for sure. And the best dressed list, I’d say.

Izzy: I love Lola… but I’m ready for some MEN!

Elsa: You’re always ready for that.

Izzy: So, without further delay… my New Year’s Eve date.


Elsa: You’re getting to go out on a date with @mr.marcel?

Izzy: I am indeed. He doesn’t know about it yet, but I certainly do.

Elsa: So the relationship is predominately in your head?

Izzy: Temporarily.

Elsa: Well, if he does go out on New Year’s he is ready!!

Izzy: I know.. doesn’t he look smashing!?

Elsa: The bow tie is everything.

Izzy: Do you think he will take off those delightful white glasses when he kisses me at midnight?

Elsa: Pretty confident, aren’t you now?

Izzy: I mean… look at me??? I’d kiss me.

Elsa: That wouldn’t surprise me.

Izzy: The white glasses… the crisp white collar.

Elsa: That’s the part that gets me… his white collar is crisp, clean and not a wrinkle in it!

Izzy: Paws off my man, bitch!

Elsa: He’s not officially “your man” but I also wasn’t hitting on him. I was merely admiring his well pressed shirt. You know I swoon at anything ironed.

Izzy: I know what I’m getting you for Christmas next year.

Elsa: An iron?

Izzy: No, a really flat man.

Elsa: Oh, my goodness and you make fun of my jokes. @mr.marcel is not up for any funny business in this outfit. He looks seriously gorgeous.

Izzy: I hope @mr.marcel is up for a little funny business… I’m just sayin’.

Elsa: Of course. Well, the tie is oversized, but because he is so broad shouldered and masculine…

Izzy: Watch it….

Elsa: Oh, honey, I’m watching…

Izzy: ELSA!!!

Elsa: Settle down… I’m just having fun with you.

Izzy: Speaking of fun…


Elsa: Is this fun?

Izzy: It’s certainly not boring!

Elsa: This is true. There sure is a lot going on there. Lots of color… lots of pattern…lots of accessories….

Izzy: I think her New Year’s resolution should be to invest in a mirror.

Elsa: You know, I was looking through her Instagram account and she has a few very stunning dresses. I mean, I love the silhouette of the gown.

Izzy: It’s the fabric!

Elsa: You mean fabricS! There is way too much going on here with the bow on the back of the bodice and the bow…

Izzy: On the can.

Elsa: Right. And the bright shades of blues and greens..

Izzy: And the polka dots…

Elsa: And the feathers on the ….

Izzy: Can.

Elsa: They’re actually on her head.

Izzy: I just like saying it.

Elsa: And the bling and the tulle and the …. I’m exhausted.

Izzy: If you get winded merely naming the individual elements of an outfit, take something off.

Elsa: How would you improve this outfit?

Izzy: New Year’s bonfire!

Elsa: Seriously, Izzy.

Izzy: I would remove the head piece. When your outfit is already elaborate, you certainly don’t need to add any large or bold accessories.

Elsa: I would have recommended fewer gathers and ruffles and to eliminate all the bows.

Izzy: And a different fabric choice.

Elsa: So, basically a different dress in a different fabric with different accessories?

Izzy: Yes, that ought to improve the look a lot.

Elsa: Her Instagram is actually pretty fabulous though if you like avant garde fashion.

Izzy: And old lady tablecloths!!!

Elsa: There are a few of those too, I have to admit. But overall, Rina and her crew have some interesting fashions.

Izzy: Well, I bet she’ll be the only one at the New Year’s Eve ball in that outfit.

Elsa: That we can be sure of!

Izzy: Well, Elsa, I hope you have a great New Year and I hope you got me something amazing.

Elsa: New Year’s isn’t a gift giving holiday, Izzy.

Izzy: Then that should be my new resolution. You think @realdonaldtrump might help me out on that one?

Elsa: I think he might have more important things to do than to turn New Year’s into a gift-giving holiday, but I guess it’s worth a try.

Izzy: Stay tuned, folks!!

Elsa: In the meantime… Happy New Year to all our viewers.

Izzy: What she said.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!


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